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Date Posted:12/12/2005 8:30 AMCopy HTML

Half asleep, a dream vision,Odd fragment flickers to view,A peculiar sight I can't understand.A chainsaw wielding, motorcycle riding,Growling, huge bear.?.Where did this come from?Suddenly growling louder! Shakes me awake!Again I hear it... thru my sleepy hazeI understand... my husband is snoring.(oh man...) Nudge him in the side,(zzzz...) Shake his shoulder,(zzzz...) "Sweetie, " I mutter (zz*huh?)"You're snoring again...""nnn...Nah... Zzzz..."And the chainsaw starts once more."Sweetie, " I murmur again-"nnn...whaaat?" still asleep he complains-"...turn over?" I beg.Rolled over now, the sound died away.Quiet, the peace finally restored,I sigh into my pillow, fall into sleep.Deep asleep now, and a funny dream flash,So comical, I can't help the laugh!The bear with the chainsaw rides the motorcycle away!Ice

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