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Date Posted:01/16/2019 8:09 PMCopy HTML

                                           Sandy was circling the Airport entrances waiting for new helper to help sart and maintain her cars. She was told she was a foregin exchange college student from japan studying mechanics and enginerring.Sandy figured this might come in habdy with restoring her car so she decied to take her in and live in a seperate part of the house.She had made one turn to the airport hoping the T bird would not stall and then in the last turn around saw her. She was dressed wel wearing a button ed up bluose and blue midi skirt. She also wore ankle socks and blue mid heel pumps to match the outfit. Sandy honked at the horn and saw the lovely ladies who alos wore small round glasses and short hair.

                                            "Hello your name is Hitari ..right?" Sandy said to the lovely lady from Japan.

                                               "Hitari Fukaru" said in a not as think as you think accent."Its nice to meet you Sandy-chan."

                                             Sandy helped  Hitari get her suticase in the trunk of the car and they both got in. Sandy was hoping the car did not stall as they where leaving the Airport exit.I almost did as it bucked and bucked but Sandy foot her foot to the floor and they sped off.

                                               Sandy and Hitari were talking about how much they loved cars. Hitari said she always worked on her fathers cars a lot.There are not too many female mechanics in Japan but she was hoping to be one of the best.Sandy said that her mother became a mechainic pretty much by nessicity because her cars broke down all the time when she was young. Sandys father helped her mom in fixing many cars and ran a business together.Time swere tough but hey made it through till her dad passed way.

She was talking about billy and how they met, Hitari blushing thorugh most of it saying a teacher dating a studnet was frowned upon in Japan even in past tense.They were having so much fun gabbing it up and talking about the nexy vechile thery were going to to add to the already groiwng collection. They the car bucked again showing signs of a stall.

                                               "Come on Tiffany Not right now" Sandy said as sdhe put her foot to the floor again but this time the car stalled out. Sandy moved to the shoulder to get out of peoples way.Then the car came to a stop and she put it in Park

                                                "Well Hitari let me see if i can get to old girl started...have you worked on carbuaterd cars before?

                                                 "older ones yes...not may I had an old Toyota maybe a 73 It has so hard to start.

                                                  "well it looks like you are going to get a crash course sooner of later on how to start these old cars."

                                                   "come on Tiffany start for us" She said as she pumped the gas ten times with her platform sandals foot and held the pedal down as she turned the key.

                                                     #  #   #   #  #   #  FFFF #  #   #  #

                                                     "come on tiffany i know you got more inh you than that

                                                     pppppp#   #  #  p  #  p  #  p  #  #  #  p p p #  #   #   #   #   # 

                                                     "does it do that often Hitari asked

                                                     "she seems to be doing it a lot more lately Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get her started"

                                                       pppppp  #   #   #  p # #  pp #  #  # ppp# # #  #  # # # # # # #pppp #  #  #  #  #  # #

                                                       Wow she sounds really bad Hitari quipped

                                                        Its ok with a little love shell go Sandy said

                                                        pppppffff #   #   #      #        #       #          #       #       #    ppppp   #       #       #       #

                                                        Well i think that crash course starts now Hitari can you take the wheel for me?


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