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Date Posted:11/15/2008 4:54 AMCopy HTML

people dont be fooled. This is a pulblicity stunt by PTP because of declining enrolment. Reese is not back, as I recieved an e mail from her at her mypace. Nor will she be back. The new Reese account is Alex and April. The IP's dont even match. Dont be stupid. You think Reese would come back after she ws banned. Have a look at some good German sites. and abd and Trust me the new reese account on the PTP board is a fake.
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Re:hey praxis and love to watch..............the reese post at ptp is shitkaboob

Date Posted:11/15/2008 8:58 PMCopy HTML

Dude. you dont even know reese has a myspace or not. She is on
THAT my friend is fact.

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