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Date Posted:04/28/2006 1:36 AMCopy HTML

The other night Kim and I were coming home after a day of boating and we were almost home when  this older lady stepped out in front of us to wave us down. After we about crashed we pulled off to see what the problem was. She and her husband ran out of gas .(He was on oxygen) He couldn't walk plus it was kinda warm out.Since I run aviation fuel in the boat I have 4 -5 gallon cans in the truck She told us as I was asssesing the sitch how these young men stopped to get help   They never returned . Since I knew there are several stations around within 3 miles They being gone almost 1 hour. They weren't coming back . Before she could say anything else We jumped into the truck and went to a gas station to get her some gas. I filled up our cans and went back to help them .As I was gassing up her car she told Kim How that was her  last $20.00  for 3 weeks untill her ss check came.I got her going again and we jumped into the truck not taking more than thanks for helping he asked for our names and address so they could repay us.Nope was All we said telling her that help us if you see us stopped somewhere
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Re:d I People

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One good turn deseres another so if you want a free three-day pass to the site, you earned it.

Just email me and I'll send you your password.

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