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Date Posted:01/19/2014 12:12 AMCopy HTML

I had a female co-worker actually brag to me today about how she revved the living piss out of the company car a few minutes ago coming to work.  She had a big grin on her face and balanced one of her dress boot heels on the carpet and made revving motions to help simulate the story.  She said that the car had almost died twice in traffic so she pulled over to the road-side and "Vroomed Vroomed  pretty hard" for about 3 minutes.  She continued to show off those black dress boots.  They were  a little wet with small deposits of mud on the soles, heel tip, and toe. The boots sported a 4.5 inch heel but it was'nt a stiletto or a block heel.  Just a nice sturdy weapon to walk on.  She kept on similating revving and continued.  "After I had made that fucker scream, I decided to get back into traffic.  It was going fine for a few blocks and I figured it had seen enough of the sole of my boot.....she said.  "But then it shut down right in the middle of the street and I was stranded for 15 minutes"   "A tow truck came and got it started for me and he told me to take it easy on the gas.....yeah right. 

"I waited for the guy to drive off and I drove that fucker to an empty dirt lot out of the way.  I got out to make sure I was alone and then got back in.  I cleaned the mud from my right boot sole on the floor of the car so I would not slip off the pedal, and went to town."  She was actually grinning on the border line of giggle as she continued.  "Every time my boot hit that pedal, the whole car seat shook."   By this time her boots are on the corner of my desk as she continues to rev in the air.   I bet that engine was sorry it messed with these boots!!   "When I got back on the road again, I gave that bastard no reprieve.....when I stopped for a light,I hard revved, when I slowed for a turn, I hard revved, even when I was going straight I would drop into neutral and make it holler".   By now her face was just beaming.  She started remarking about how her boots had saved the day. 

By now she was standing up and attempting to stomp the drying mud from her boots onto the carpet.  I went and got her a few shop towels and she balanced herself on my desk and began to wipe the heel and toe of the boots.  I then put another towel on the floor which she immediately climbed on top of and wiped both soles...all the while grinning and admiring her boots.  She just left all of the boot soiled towels there as she went to the break room for some coffee...those heels tapping with every step.

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Date Posted:02/01/2014 3:23 PMCopy HTML

 WOW..............great. What car was that? Did she rev like that regular? Please post a picture of her and the car.
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Re:boots 0

Date Posted:06/01/2018 4:44 AMCopy HTML

 omg, you should had given more details about what car was it, how did she look like. Such a shame your not here any sounds too good to be true in this age, I think your making it up haha

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