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Date Posted:10/31/2008 1:21 PMCopy HTML

Free Country, Freedom of speech. I say what I want. Yeh OK, I was banned by Shitkbob because Ron K. at Pedal extreme went out of business and my buddy paid for a month. And yes I shared his password wich I also do with my family members on other sites. Buy one get one free OK. So I posted about it on Shitkbob's public Forum where he states he welcomes the opinions of all. Then I was banned. So, that makes PTP liers on that issue. Also being that this site is run by pariotic Americans, we can have our freedom to post here. BTW, I also posted at SoFlow and pedaltube in case you want to try to have me banned there too. So, I say to you;  if you dont like it, take your liberal (take away my freedom) as* somewhere else.........Support our troops. McCain 2008!
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Re:<h1>Hey Chivalrous </h1>

Date Posted:10/31/2008 2:27 PMCopy HTML

bootcrank,,,,bootcrank....hmmm.... you kinda act like a little boy who has had his hand slapped...poor poor baby...been kicked out of a site that ya really wanted to be at...poor little fella...runnin around at all the other sites tattlin on shish and scarlet...really mature guy i tell ya...hiding behind freedom of speech...please! the anything that comes out of your mouth...well that would be like supporting john McCain...hahaha...just buck up and say you were wrong to start this crap and somebody may forgive ya....hmmm..doubt it.
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Re:<h1>Hey Chivalrous </h1>

Date Posted:10/31/2008 10:31 PMCopy HTML

Well, boot, I're absolutely right....people are free to say and do basically whatever they want in a democratic society.

That's not to say that their actions are always right.

Also, having a message board with some friggin' form of control is also something that a webmaster is "free" to do. No one held a gun to your head and told you to post at PTP. You can vote with your feet. Or, as you've demonstrated, just pick a no tolerance policy and violate it till you get banned. 

"Free country" speaking, you can say whatever you like as long as it's legal. Of course you can. Just don't expect a very trusting welcome now that just about everyone into this fetish knows what went down here. I'm not sure why you're attempting to rally everyone against PTP when you've had your own experience there based on how YOU decided to post, and the vast majority have had pleasant ones. Everyone has their own opinion...we've expressed ours in return, en masse.

And bringing American politics onto a pedal pumping board to use free speech as an excuse for these sorts of posts...well, I'm not even going to touch that one. Generally, slanderous behaviour is universal worldwide, whether you're from the US or not, no matter who you're voting for, etcetera.

Sure it's your right...but it doesn't necessarily MAKE it right.

Besides, free speech implies speaking for YOURSELF freely, not putting words in the PS webmaster's mouth. I'm surprised he hasn't pursued some kind of action about that.  

I'm pretty sure that password sharing for pay site material, designed for use of the paid customer only, is almost like posting copywritten material freely...i.e., borderline illegal...but I could be wrong. Anyhow, all the webmasters of your pay sites now know that you work on a "buy one get one free" basis. Good luck with that.

(Unless it's OK if under your own roof on the same comp sharing with family or something....shrugs...I dunno...) 

Anyway, this might be like talking to a wall again...but I'll post it anyway...
"Keep on pumping!"
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Re:<h1>Hey Chivalrous </h1>

Date Posted:11/03/2008 11:34 AMCopy HTML

I rarely post here but I just have to,  only people who have done wrong by saying or writing something, start quoting free speech and ranting on about free this and free that.  Every time you post here Bootcrank you just prove how immature you really are.  I don't know exactly what you did to get banned from PTP but just in your little blurp here you mentioned something about password sharing, well read the EUAL of the site, bet you find a clause about password sharing.  You admit to a breach of an agreement and expect people to feel sorry for you or something?  You just prove that you have an IQ of room temperature.  If you are unhappy about things, going around spreading lies and inuendo just makes you look bad.  To quote a drill instructor from years past, SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!  You made a mistake admit it and move on.  Just please stop posting you're just digging the hole deeper with every key stroke.  I don't even know the whole story and I don't like you!

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