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Date Posted:05/02/2009 8:39 PMCopy HTML

well ptp banned me again, only because I asked about Reese who is listed as a current model and who they say is coming back but I hear other wise. Well, they even made a fake myspace page for Resse as well as telling everybody she was coming back for a custom to keep up declining membership. Then they posted about her being on medication and cancelling, and when I responded they edited my post as well as banned me.Well if I can't post there, I will show my support to Charlie. my friends, the truth is reese will be coming back to ptp to film when Ron kurta puts pedal extreme back! They just want your money. Alex (ptp) stated rRese would be doing a custom, but is seems she has no knolalge of that. just lead people on as the German sites continue to deliver the goods. So for posting this info shitkaboob and sharlton banned me again so they could continue to fool you guys. Now lets put ptp on the spot. Reese or no Reese.
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Re: About ptp

Date Posted:05/05/2009 2:20 PMCopy HTML

boot boy...flood boy,,,or who ever you decide to be....who really cares about reese??? seem to have a very strange thing about her,,, you are the joke of the pp world....say where's your video's on you-tube,,,ya know the one's of charlie's...hmmmm. must of got them taken off..huh!...funny thing is every one knows who you are no matter how you try to hide yourself...ya got booted off of ptp cause your wierd...simple as that...please do us all a favor and move on to somewhere else down the line...

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