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Date Posted:10/31/2008 2:07 AMCopy HTML

Thank you Mark, you are so right. I was talking to another model "skye" from PA they had  problem with.   She donated contributor footage for free and then they banned her too, and refused to take the footage she donated off their site.  Also Trucker and ice who gave them a vehical and banning them was the thank you they got. Over 20 people have been banned from there site just for posting something they dont like.  Make the board private if they feel that way.  Anyways still not a new model, Scarlet looks like she is gaining weight, and Shis is already fat! ha ha!

Here's what I find comical; Both Shish and Scarlet love this shit. They certainly won't allow it on THEIR site but they certainly don't respect any other pp forum enough to stop them from wallowing in it here.

If I were the webmaster here, I would ban them for life for bringing this down to their level and using another site with such disregard in perpetuating this. Notice how they have to have the final say and neither of them have the couth to direct it back to their site. They don’t want it there but are more than happy to do it here. Very respectful! They would rather police their site by banning, deleting or editing posts but have no qualms about bringing someone else’s forum down. Very classy you two.

As for the name Reese or any other former "user name", the fact remains that a piece paper with no teeth or legal backing has no value in a court of law. You are however able to suggest to another site to not use the name but that would be about as far as you could go. A real lawyer may suggest to you that if you want to maintain these names as ptp property, that you spend the required money and gain the smarts to do so properly. Until then, suggesting to others not to use it is about as much as you have.

As for Chiv and hardrev; I see the first thing you both did was run over here to stir the shit and stick your noses in. Is it because you can't at ptp? Rules there right? Thought so. There’s no debating like adults there and you know it. Should the 2 nuts over there disagree with an opinion in any way, it’s just deleted or locked. It’s been that ways for years. They prefer this format on any other site but theirs. Do you think this is the first time this has happened? Pull your head out of your collective asses you two. It's happened many time before.

If you are so pompous and feel my point of view has no validity, don't fucken read it and go away. I hope I was clear. Your opinions of me have no value and your little name calling is only slightly amusing. Mark

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Re:(ABOUT PTP) Thank you Mark

Date Posted:10/31/2008 3:23 AMCopy HTML

Ummmm...okayyyy....the first thing WE did was stir the shit and stick our noses in? I think not. We came over after the shit-stirring had taken place, to support a couple of members of the community that have been slandered. From what I know, the actions of PTP have been fair.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That being said, as far as bringing a message board down... posing as a webmaster, drumming up altered "facts," posting stuff that was confided in a members-only section of another board and stooping to personal attacks will bring any message board down...congrats on doing that very thing here.

It's good that our opinions of what you two have SAID (not who you ARE...personal attacks on weight and character don't apply here) make no difference to you. That way, at least you'll be able to sleep at night knowing you've slandered just a few people with your actions.

By the way boot, I'd really quit cutting and pasting your original post into messages all over other PP message boards like hate mail. I don't think people are going to listen now that you messed up your game and revealed that you were trying to put words into PedalSupreme's webmaster's mouth. It's a small world.

Just because some previous PTP members can't hack it on a moderated site doesn't mean the site's done wrong. Anyone that was being a jackass got multiple warnings, and ample opportunity to resolve it without resorting to these kinds of tactics.

And they weren't "perpetuating" this clusterf*ck or disrespecting this board by posting here...simply defending themselves against what YOU two posted here. So who is bringing the board down?  WE HAVE discussed this very issue at PTP also...does that bring the board down? Not exactly. Too bad you can't read any of it.

And Mark...Just because you think that rules don't apply to you and bootcrank doesn't mean that I need to pull my head out of MY ass.

Sounds like a personal problem.

Moderators....if this board IS moderated....I think you may have a few more threads to lock.

I'm sure this could have all been undone at some point, but if you guys are gonna go personal about your vendetta against PTP, you're just burning bridges. Not like you care.
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