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Date Posted:11/02/2012 4:16 PMCopy HTML

Crissy, DH, et al: 
Viewed a number of your vids and really loved the ones with the convertible Olds Delta 88 (a 1970 model(?)), big brown coupe deville ('74?), the blue Catalina, and the Chevy Caprice.  

Common theme for me in these was the big V8s and smokey exhaust -especially the Olds.  Question I have is will we see any thing else in these types of cars in the future?  I ask only because I'm partial to this 'breed'; to the contrary, the modern, little 4 & 6-cylinder jobbies are simply uninteresting, tinny, no .  No, nothing like the big roar of the exhaust on a V8 -especially when created from the whim and mercy of your ladies and their dainty little feet.


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Re:Your Videos: Love them, but....

Date Posted:11/02/2012 11:05 PMCopy HTML

I second that ..

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