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Date Posted:06/06/2017 10:02 PMCopy HTML

Hi to everybody :)

This is my first poll, and please forgive me if I am doing something wrong. I have thought a long time about trying to write a story, but I thought I would like to ask for your preferences. I like "damsel in distress" situations, and also situations when the girl or lady feels embarassed when she is stuck or her car is not starting. If there are others who like these aspects as well, what do you think, what are the things that make a lady most distressed or embarassed? I mean for example, if there is a passenger who comments on the situation or makes fun of her. If there is a guy who is seeing her, but only watching? If she ruins her outfit (in the mud, snow...)?

Please share your thoughts :)
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Re:What makes a lady a damsel in distress?

Date Posted:06/07/2017 5:40 PMCopy HTML

Just random thoughts...
1. If she really need to go. Just missing date wan't count. Something urgent & important.
2. Pretty girl who dislike everyone thinks that she's just a doll. And she wants to prove she is actually clever and skillful. And failing to do so.
3. All above combined, when boy she always liked asks her for a lift...

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