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Date Posted:12/11/2018 7:01 PMCopy HTML

In one of my previous stories, I have mentioned about my English teacher Mrs. G. She was in her mid 40s, a petite 5'6" with fair complexion. You can read about her in this story to relate it better: Cranking session of Mrs. G and her HM Ambassador Nova in rain .

There was some celebration in our school, so the regular classes were cancelled. The party lasted till evening and my mom was supposed to pick me up at 6 pm; but by 5 pm it was all over. So I and only a few other students had to wait for their respective parents. The playground was almost empty and only a handful of teachers were in the school. I always searched for hinterland places to watch the cranking shows by women, so that no one can notice me. It was already dark outside, hence the washrooms were not an ideal place. While I was searching for the suitable place, I already missed two other ladies' cranking shows. They had already left, now it was only Mrs. G with her HM Ambassador Nova. It was dark, so I knew that she wouldn't be able to spot me in the dark. So, after my futile search operation for a better place, I decided to go and sit in the balcony of the guardian room as no one would come there. 

After a wait of 2 - 3 minutes in the balcony, I saw Mrs. G walking towards her car which was parked in the playground. She carried only a small bag with her, no books. She wore an orange Saree and to my surprise she was wearing heels on that day. I don't remember exactly whether it was mules or something else, but it was of cherry colour. Her hair was open, which was also another rare case. She probably had some work, so she was the last one to leave the school. From the balcony I could get a mixute of side and front views, so I didn't regret of sitting there. 

She already had the keys in her hand, so without much struggle she unlocked it and opened the door and kept her small bag inside. Before getting into her car, she adjusted her Saree and then got in. It had bench seat, so she never adjusted her seat. Occasionally she used small pillow or cushion to support her back or to adjust her height. Once she got in, she closed the door but rolled down the windows, so I missed the last remaining opportunity of watching her pumping the gas. I checked my watch, it was 5:20 pm and my mom would come at 6 pm, she would be anyhow some 10 minutes late. So, I was expecting that Mrs. G 's car would start in that time frame. 

Her car had a small fluorescent tube light instead of the usual incandescent dome light, it was common at that time in many Ambassador cars. Unfortunately it was missing in the Maruti cars. Thankfully, she turned on that light. Her car had white seat covers, so the white fluorescent light reflected very well. She opened her bag and took out her tiffin box. From the balcony I couldn't figure out what was in her tiffin box, I guess it was chapati (Roti). She started to eat. I thought she would complete her tiffin, but she had no plan to waste her time. She placed her tiffin in her lap and started to eat with her right hand, while she used her left hand to turn the ignition key in the centre of the dashboard. 

She turned on the ignition, the red lights reflected partially on her although the bright white fluorescent light completely filled the car interiors. She started to crank, it was a less than a minute cranking without any pumping and the cold engine didn't respond either. She cranked again, this was also another less than a minute cranking attempt. In both the crankings, the white fluorescent light dimmed a bit, but not like the incandescent dome lights. If this would have been my mom, then she would had already turned on the headlights as it was dark, but it seemed Mrs. G knew that it would unnecessarily drain her battery. She continued to crank again, this time she holded her tiffin box with her right hand from her lap and gave 5 - 6 pumps, bouncing in her bench seat. 

The next two cranking lasted slightly longer, may be exceeding a minute, but still the engine had no plan to start. Mrs. G took a break and continued to eat her tiffin. It was now almost 5:45 pm and I knew that my mom would be there in next 15 minutes. I was praying that my mom's car takes more time to start. After about 5 minutes, Mrs. again decided to crank again. She started to pump, I struggled to watch her thighs but it was not properly visible from that balcony, the dome light created a shadow. She cranked again, it was less than a minute long, but the engine started pretty well this time, without any sputter or chugging. It was running fine, so Mrs. G was gently revving it. After about 1 minute of revving it, she turned on her headlights, those Ambassador cars had PUSH/PULL KNOB switches for the headlights, parking lights, wipers etc. in the centre of the dashboard. She shifted to first but the engine stalled as soon as she released the clutch.

I thought she would crank again, but instead she completed her last bite of her tiffin and then placed the tiffin box inside her bag. After 1 or 2 sips of tea / water from her flask, she re-adjusted herself in the bench seat and then positioned herself for the ride home. She cranked again, the headlights dimmed very badly and the cranking was very slow. She cranked again, but it stopped spinning the engine and started to click; the headlights dimmed completely. I thought her battery is completely dead. She turned off the headlights and cranked again, this time the cranking was again faster and the engine started fine. She decided to rev again, it was anyhow a short rev session and then she again shifted to first. The playground was large enough for a right turn, she didn't require any reverse. However, she couldn't complete her right turn, it again stalled in the middle of the playground, may be she didn't gave it enough gas. She cranked it but the headlights completely dimmed and the cranking stopped. She again turned off the headlights and the fluorescent dome light too; she was probably frustrated so she gave a long cranking and the car started at the end of this minute long cranking. She finally drove out of the campus without anymore stalling in the playground. May be Mrs. G needed a new battery.

It was now sharp 6 pm and I decided to walk towards the main gate. To my surprise my mom was already there as I saw the headlights of our car. She parked her 1997 Maruti 800 almost 300 metres away from the main entrance and as soon as she saw me, she signalled me by flashing her headlights. She decided to drive it towards the main entrance but the car was only cranking. Initially, I waited for some time but as my mom failed to start it even after three long crankings, I decided to walk toward the car. My mom still continued to crank desperately, but instead of the dimming headlights I didn't see any success. 

Wait for the next story............... mom will be cranking her Maruti 800.

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