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Date Posted:03/04/2018 9:11 PMCopy HTML

Hello to everybody!

For quite some time I was thinking about trying myself out in writing some fictional pedal pumping stories. I don't think I am a good writer, but I would like to try it and listen to your opinion about it. Also I would like to ask a couple questions related to this. But generally, any tip or advice is welcome! What makes a good story in your opinion? Are there some specific things that you miss or rarely see in PP stories? What is more important, the story how the girl get's into the situation, her thoughts, what is she doing, or describing the visuals?

Thank you!

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Re:Tips and thoughts about stories

Date Posted:03/05/2018 7:12 AMCopy HTML

 I write the stories for myself, and share them and if people like them then great. I think you should write what arouses YOU the most so you can get enjoyment out of giving it life outside your mind, and can read it back and get a lot out of it. Don’t hold back.

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