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Date Posted:07/21/2004 10:16 PMCopy HTML

Hi Guys...Many of you will know me from SW. If you don't I'm Jennifer Jason. I'm 18 and live in Michigan. I'm about 5'8" tall and weigh roughing 113 pounds. (ya kinda skinny... I'm trying!) I have natural blonde hair to my lower back and blue eyes.The short story on me is that I had no idea about stuck. I lived in CA until I was 16 when I was kicked out of the house by my Mom. I left for Michigan in my 99 Camaro without a clue.When I got here I was depressed and having entered a new school didn't know a sole. It was January. I would drive to school, no one even tried to get to know me then go home.After I'd been in school one week it started to snow just after I got to school. By noon we had more than 5 inches on the ground. Now I'd like never even seen snow before! I'm at school dressed in a short skirt and boots that are no good for snow walking (slippery bottoms) and I come out afternoon to find 5 inches + of snow on my car.I didn't even have a snow brush or scraper, I used an old map to clean off my car. I got in and as I backed out of my parking spot I think I was slipping but having never felt that "feeling" before in my life I had no idea.I headed towards the exit of the parking lot driving right by the boys gym and I felt that"feeling" again and I started to slow down. In a moment or two I had come to a stop and I still was pushing on my gas. That was the first time I ever considered the possibility that I was slipping in the snow. I shifted into reverse and couldn't move that way either.It quickly became obvious to me that I was stuck for the first time in my life. I didn't know a sole in school and I was stuck right in front of the boys gym and as I'm sitting there trying forward and reverse uselessly all the boys on the football time piled out of the gym and lined up waiting for the coach. Talk about embarrassing! They could all see I was stuck but none of them were helping.These two girls that I hadn't gotten along with very well came walking by and one of them says loud enough that I could hear... "Oh look at her! She's stuck! Ha Ha!" and they walked on.Finally this guy named Kyle came over and pushed me free. I got stuck again like 20 feet further. He helped me again. I ended up dating Kyle for almost a year after that. I headed home and promply got stuck in my uncles driveway. I didn't have a clue how to drive in snow!Well over the next couple of weeks I got stuck muliple times and one particular time I had gone to a store to look for some skirts that were supposed to be on sale. I drove into the lot down a small hill which was very icy. The store was closed so I turned around and tried to drive out the lot up the small hill but got stuck part way up on the ice.There was another exit that didn't have a hill so I headed over towards it but had to cross these small piles of snow that looked like they were left by a snow blower or something. Well I started through this one and when my rear wheels hit it I just stopped and I could feel myself spinning. I tried to reverse out but I couldn't move that way either.I was getting scared and panicy cuz there was no one in the lot. I was totally stuck and didn't have a single thing in my truck to help. (Still new to snow driving!)I happened to look up at the store and realized that I could see the right side of my car reflected in the store windows. So I pushed on the gas (I was still in drive) and I could see my right rear tire spin in the snow pile. I tried reverse and watched it spin.Well... I sat there for almost a 1/2 an hour just spinning my rear wheel back and forth. I had no hope of getting free because I had almost no traction. I sat for a moment or two without my foot even on the gas and my right rear tire spun on its on a couple of turns. I was really stuck but something about seeing myself reflected in that window and watching my rear tire spin uselessly just turned me on like I never expected.I might have climaxed in the car but before I could a cop pulled up and asked what I was doing and when he saw that I was stuck he pushed me free. Sort of a "thanks! I needed that! but why couldn't you have waited like 5 minutes!". I was soooo close. We all know that frustration.I drove home and got stuck driving up my uncles driveway. (I lived with them for a while). When I got to my room I undressed and managed the most awesome climax just thinking about being stuck.So as far as I can tell that is how my interest started. Since that time I've been stuck LOTS! I crashed my Camaro or actually it got crashed by a Suburban that pulled out in front of me. Camaro + Suburban = Camaro loser... I was ok just kinda bruised up.I had been saving for a new car so it was time to go shopping. I ended up with my dream car. A black Mustang GT.You might wonder when I live where it snows why I picked a known stuck car. Well first off I love the car. Second it doesn't snow as much here as some people think. We get 5 inches then nothing, then 5 inches again, nothing, 3 inches. etc. The road crews here are incredible. There is hardly ever snow on the road to drive on. Its the parking lots! That's where I find myself stuck most of the time these days. Either on the ice or on unplowed snow.I know digs and I might know a few others of you. But I thought I'd post and see how it goes.Not much stuck action this summer so far. I got stuck at a soccer field on some really wet grass a couple months ago but that's it for me.Jen
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Re:Thought I'd try it here...

Date Posted:07/21/2004 10:34 PMCopy HTML

Good story kiddo.  Camaro vs. anything (except a Yugo)= big $ damage. LOL (I'm in the Ins. industry)

There's a good bunch of guys here,(and gals) trust me.



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Re:Thought I'd try it here...

Date Posted:07/22/2004 5:54 AMCopy HTML

> Many of you will know me from SW

Welcome back, we missed you

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Re:Thought I'd try it here...

Date Posted:07/23/2004 11:00 AMCopy HTML

Welcome!!! I haven't read you stuff before, but it is good...Please do come back and visit often!!!


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Re:Thought I'd try it here...

Date Posted:07/26/2004 11:34 PMCopy HTML

Welcome Home! This is a great place with great people. We got it all!
The Fumester
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Re:Thought I'd try it here...

Date Posted:08/28/2004 9:00 AMCopy HTML

Hi Jen, I haven't been here for a bit but Ice reminded me about it and I found this stuck sub-category that wasn't here before.  Glad to see you posting somewhere. 

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