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Date Posted:10/20/2005 11:36 AMCopy HTML

I look at you and lovingly smileAs you expose a sheepish grinAnd brush my hair softly, from my cheekAs I slowly wipe my chin?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" />And remembered an earlier timeWith my finger, the slightest wiggleClothes dropping to the floorBy the fire, my body tingledAs we made love, as we'd never done beforeAnd you were mineOur passions mounted in heated sweatAs our love making had begunIn penetration as I held you tightAnd bit your neck as we became oneAnd time stood stillI rolled on top and arched my backDriving you deeper stillWith my own hands caressing my breastsI stripped you of all your willThe ultimate thrillI felt you tense as you swelled with desireAs together we passionately climaxedAnd I squeezed you tight between my thighsForbidding you the chance to relaxAnd the fire roaredI fell to your chest and kissed up to your lipsGyrating with you still insideYou lay there so quiet, your soft tender touchYou whispered "I love you" in a sighMy heart soaredThe fire burned lower as we fell asleepTogether combined still as oneTwo lovers entangled in passionate blissAs we awoke with the light of the sunAnd a new day had dawnedAs I rolled away slowly, setting you freeYou kissed me and sleepily grinnedI kissed you as my fingertips drew circles on your chestThen lower till they found you, and woke you once againI faked a yawnIt hadn't taken long to get you arousedAnd I had taken you wholeYou gently ran you fingers through my hairA touch that reached to my soulWe both softly sighedI hold you tight, between my lipsI feel your body go tenseYou softly touch my cheek and whisper my nameAs you deliver your love so immenseAnd I look into your eyesI look at you and lovingly smileAs you expose a sheepish grinAnd brush my hair softly, from my cheekAs I slowly wipe my chinThis must be love
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Re:This must be love

Date Posted:10/29/2005 9:38 PMCopy HTML

HMM!!! pete must be ........"on tha road again" I got to go take a cold one!!! later....

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