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Date Posted:08/20/2006 11:20 AMCopy HTML

This is my first time writing a "stuck story" but it is one worth mentioning. One summer My Mom and sister along with a woman (Judy) my Mom worked with and her two daughters borrowed this summer cabin at the lake,That Judy's brother owned .He had an old fiberglass boat that he let us used and after a week of sun bathing and skiing and swimming it was time for us to leave. We used the boat one last time and at the end of the day we had to load it up on the trailer and take it out of the water. Our galaxie had a hitch that was installed by the previous owner. Judy hitch up the trailer and my Mom backed it down the boat ramp , that was covered with green moss. She backed up a bit too far and Judy motioned her to pull forward abit. She put the car in gear to go forward and the tires spun just a little bit. Judy drove the boat up on the trailer. and her daughter hooked the bow. Then she yelled to Mom to go. We sat on the boat dock and watched as our galaxie tried to go forward for about 4 feet then the tires bagan to slip. Oh NOOO. But oh YESS. Judy motioned her to stop and she climbed out of the boat and walked up to the door that Mom opened "Back up about 2 feet and gun it when you get moving. Us kids sat on the dock still in our swimming suits and all I could do was to watch Judy in her baby doll bathing suit give Mom directions.She put the car into reverse and did what Judy said, giving it enough gas to get it rolling but not wanting the tires to lose their grip then she gunned it and as soon as she did the rear tires began to shreik . She got a couple of feet more that time when the car stopped in its wet tracks the rear tires just spinning helpless shreiking loudly. Judy told her "Do it again" Which she did and she backed up to about to where she started from the last time. Judy told us" Kids help me push" We all got behind the car as Judy told us to wait untill it stops and then help it . Sure enough it got about a foot more that time then it just stopped again we began to push as hard as we all could but it just wouldn't do anything more then squeal its tires in protest . Our poor car was trying to go but the boat was too heavy for its small 289 cid engine., and on that slick surface nonetheless. We began to coax verbally and and tried to make a bad thing into something more comical. But it just wouldn't go any further. and Judy told us to stop pushing and let her do it again. "Stop and open up the trunk and lets put some weight in the trunk ,And put the kids in the back seat . Mom got out and helped us gather some items that would add some weight but we didn't find much so Judy told Me and her two daughters to get into the trunk ,I couldn't have weighed much more than 80 lbs. then but her two daughters were kind of plump ,each weighing more than Amy by at least 50 lbs. I got in after they did and got between them as they teased me " Come on tiger, Come on " They called me that because of my tiger printed boy's bikini I wore, Or when I wore my banana one that had a chikita emblem on its rear they called me Little monkey . I felt their water cooled smooth thighs against mine I kind of enjoyed that so I didn't make attempt to move them. And since it was close in the trunk they didn't move theirs either. With Amy and Judy in the backseat we back up to where we had been starting from and up the ramp we went , The rear tires started to lose their grip as a low but growing louder squealling noise started began. Mom gave it more gas we noticed because the sound was getting louder , but we ewere moving a little bit further up the ramp " Come on Come on you can do it " We began to encourage. Our poor galaxie was really straining you could hear the engine really revving away the back of our car was starting to bounce as the tires was trying to gain some traction.I looked at the oldest daughter and saw her boobs bouncing away with the car. But we just wouldn't make it up the ramp because as we got to a place where some grass was growing thru the concrete we stopped again . We backed up and tried again We where going up slowly but surley our tire were so hot steam was coming of them along with the smell of burning rubber.Then Mom really gunned it hard but we got only a few feet more then we stoppped and all we were doing was spinning our tires,our car just stopped squealling its tires and bouncing its rear . Mom gave it more gas but to no good , then I felt something weird and I looked at the girls as they felt it to, the heavy boat was actually pulling us back towards the water. I said excitedly " It's pulling us back it's too heavy!!!!!!" Finally Mom hit the brakes and we slid to a stop just in time. We all got out and assessed the sitch and as we were douing that some Guy witha four wheel drive jeeep heard us and went to investigate and hooked up a winch and pulled us and the boat up the ramp.WHEW!!!!!! We finally were free we thought but the next morning as we were leaving for home Mom sure had a hard time trying to get our poor car to start, and on the way home we had to stop for oil a couple of times. The End
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Re:This is my first time writing a "stuck story" but it is one worth mentioning. One summer My Mom and sister along with a

Date Posted:08/20/2006 7:52 PMCopy HTML

glad to be a part of this one. (LOL) my last name is winch.
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Re:This is my first time writing a "stuck story" but it is one worth mentioning. One summer My Mom and sister along with a

Date Posted:07/23/2007 8:59 PMCopy HTML

I like this one. It reminds me of something similar I saw when I was a young girl - and my Parents had taken me and my Sis to the seaside on school holidays.

We had gone off to get ice-creams and we wandered along the shoreline down by the slipways where people moored their boats. There were two smart looking ladies hooking up a speed boat on a trailer to the back of a big Ford Estate car (station wagon) which they had backed right down the ramp.


One lady then got in to start it up - and tried to tow the boat up the ramp - but both her rear tires kept slipping real bad and she got stuck on the weed covered ramp. She just sat there spinning her wheels as she tried hard to get it moving. The other lady was shouting instructions at her on turning the front wheels - but each time she gassed it the back tires just skidded and span.


We watched her struggle with her spinning wheels for about 10 minutes then had to go. When we left the ladies were putting sand under the rear tires to try and stop them from slipping.

Oooops! - I"m stuck!! My tires are spinning in the mud!!!!

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