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Date Posted:03/12/2018 5:55 PMCopy HTML

This was another one of my victims from when I was the apartment manager. I saw the car one day and looked up who the owner was based upon the parking spot. She lived in a single room apartment just around the corner from my office. I waited in the mornings to see who the owner was, and she came out just after 8 am. She was a blond, slightly overweight (no much) wearing a black mini dress, tan pantyhose and black pumps. I discovered she wore a similar outfit each day.
Shortly after I saw her I went out late at night and pulled of her coil wire. Her car was not locked. The next morning I was in the area of her car, pretending to be inspecting the building. She came out and said hi to me and I said hi back. She got in her car and I could hear her trying to get it started but it just cranked. I could see that she was definitely an aggressive pumper, and she cranked it for very long periods at a time. I gave her some time then walked over to her car while she was cranking it. She was bouncing like crazy in her seat and was in the middle of a long, extended crank. I waited for her to be done and tapped on her window.
I asked if she needed help, she said she didn't and that her car would eventually start. I asked her if it did this often and she said yes. (wow) I asked her how often and she said a few times a week, mainly after work. (wow again). She told me she would often have to get a co-worked to jump start her car after work, and sometimes on her lunch break when it would not start for her.
She went back to trying to start her car with me standing there watching her. Extended cranking, furiously pumping. It did not take long for her to drain her battery. I offered to give her a jump start and told her I was the manager at the complex. She said thank you and I went to get my truck and drove back there.
When I got back she had her hood open and was standing outside of her car. She looked very sexy in a black mini dress with suntan pantyhose and black pumps. I connected my jumper cables and she got back in her car, leaving the door open and tried to start it. I asked if it was this hard to start after work and she said yes on most days, but she eventually got it to start after getting a jump. I asked how long it would normally take and she said about 20 minutes or so.
So guess what? I was there watching her for about 20 minutes until I reconnected her coil wire. She was very tough on the car, often cranking it for 30-45 seconds at a time while pumping the gas pedal furiously. We got the car started and I gave her my card, telling her I would help her if she ever needed a jump start. She was very thankful and drove off.
The next night I did the same this, removed her coil wire. The next morning I was waiting in my office and hoping she would call me when her car wouldn't start. I was getting apprehensive until my phone rang around 8:25. It was her. I asked what was wrong and she told me her car wasn't starting, and she needed a jump start. I told her to meet me in the parking lot and that I would be right over.
I drove over, just around the corner, and once again she was standing outside of the car, in a similar outfit, with her hood open. I asked her what happened and she said "same thing. I happens all the time." She told me her car wouldn't start after work and she needed a jump start to get it going.
I asked if maybe she needed a new battery and she said "who knows?" I had her get in and try it and was treated to another awesome show. I was watching her, and after many tries (and some awesome cranking and pumping, she took a break. I asked again if this was normal, and she said "It's normal for me." and went back at it, pleading with her car to start. She would say, "come on, come on" while gripping the steering wheel and bouncing up and down while the engine cranked. I watched this until it was almost 9:00 and then got her car started by reconnecting her coil wire. She said "There it is". and I said wow, I didn't think you would get it started. She said "I always do eventually.".
I disabled her car at least once or twice a week from that day on. Some weeks I did it 3-4 times a week. If it was raining or cold out I would sit in her car with her and silently watch her try to start her car. She was very persistent. She always believed she could get it started. 
She started leaving for work earlier and earlier. I also kept an eye on her parking spot to see when she got home from work. On some days she got home around 5:30, on other day after six. I found out on the "other days" her car wouldn't start after work.
On one occasion, she called me from a local supermarket parking lot. She had gone in and when she came out her car wouldn't start, and her battery was dead. When I got there, I found her sitting in her car. When I opened her hood, I found out someone had removed her coil wire. I asked her if it started after work that day and she said "No, of course not". This was normal for her. She never suspected someone was disabling her car.
I kept her there almost twenty minutes until I reconnected her coil wire and she drove back to her apartment.
This went on for a year, until she moved out. She got a boyfriend and moved in with him. I never saw her after that.
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Re:The Lynx

Date Posted:03/13/2018 12:58 PMCopy HTML

One masterpiece after another, my man. KEEP. THEM. COMING. If you have anymore stories of ladies cranking and pumping in open-toed shoes, PLEASE DO SHARE.
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Re:The Lynx

Date Posted:03/13/2018 5:20 PMCopy HTML

 Do you remember what make,model,and year car she had?
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Re:The Lynx

Date Posted:03/13/2018 10:00 PMCopy HTML

 It was a Mercury Lynx that looked like this:
She kept it pumping!!!!!

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