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It was a typical hot day in Florida.  We were cruising back from the beach in my 1970 convertible Beetle.  She hadn’t driven a manual transmission in several years, so I convinced her to try driving my car.  We parked in a nice big empty lot behind the Publix.  I turned off the car and we switched places.  I spent ten minutes showing her how to find all the gears, how to find reverse, etc.  She didn’t like flip-flops so she had on pink thongs with the heel strap.  Once she felt comfortable, she held the gas down a little and turned the key.  The engine spun over for several  seconds and I finally told her to floor it.  The engine fired up and she placed it in first and let the clutch out and it stalled.  She turned the key off and back to start and it fired up.  She tried letting the clutch out again and got it to start moving.  She practiced for a few minutes in the parking lot and then I asked if she wanted to drive us home.  She obliged.

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