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Date Posted:10/19/2018 4:16 PMCopy HTML

So... this is a weird one. 

Now alot of people are aware that in the past.. I'll say decade people have become smart enough to start just trading clips instead of the same clips being bought 1,000 times over (there are several clips i have actually bought 6 times in a row)


having discussed with all sides, this "secret police" goes around bullying and randomly reporting usually innocent accounts and taking actions that are not required causing the community headaches.

Right now 5 individuals are going around claiming that members of the VK community are stealing content for personal profit which is not true, Ri Mee, AKA manic mechanic just wants to collect clips, he does not sell them, he does not steal them. He simply ask people if they already have the clip if they would be willing to exchange it for a clip they don't already have.

I think alot of people on here will agree that we are fed up with daily news feed of people asking us to "go undercover" so that they can get an excuse to bully.

I don't care how it's resolved but this is the line in the sand.

Signed Hunter1801192

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Re:The Content Wars

Date Posted:10/19/2018 5:35 PMCopy HTML

You don’t get to “trade” content that is copyrighted. The line in the sand is copyright law.
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Re:The Content Wars

Date Posted:10/19/2018 7:35 PMCopy HTML

In theory yes, in practice no. Copyright enforcement requires the owner to divulge his personal information. I have filed many copyright infringement claims with 99.9% success. Many website owners choose not to do so.
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Re:The Content Wars

Date Posted:10/21/2018 10:29 PMCopy HTML

A shame that pirated clips still remain a big problem.
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Re:The Content Wars

Date Posted:12/16/2018 11:35 PMCopy HTML

In all my 25 plus years of following online pedal pumping as well as being a member of many web sites and purchase of video, I have yet to hear of any action taken against someone swapping a video. Come on my friends, I would bet we are all guilty. Remember back in the day when we would record each others record albums onto cassette or copy VHS tapes. Now we have file share. I dont know the Manic guy, but I have seen his advertisements on youtube come and go. I kind of find it amusing the guy gets tossed yet keeps coming back. Any one here want to step up to the plate and go on record they swapped with him?
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Re:The Content Wars

Date Posted:12/25/2018 12:29 AMCopy HTML

The Manic Mechanic idiot has been around for years ripping people off thriving them to email them to trade exchange clips using Yahoo mail,Hotmail/Outlook,and VK now has Facebooks,Twitters and has had multiple Youtube accounts that have been terminated several times and they just come back again.They have two Youtube channels at the moment that are active and identical with the same name is what I don't understand lol People who do engage in emailing the Manic Mechanic become it's victim of Spam and Maleware,it never sends any clips to no one and if it does reply to someone it attaches a shit load of the same screenshots of clips Manic Mechanic claims to have but doesn't. It's a scam and a trap really. As Manic Mechanic is a site owner pedal pumping producer in the industry who just likes screwing with peoples heads and pissing them off. I won't name names but it's clear as I have learned through a few years of tracking Manics Content it posts and the way it communicates online with others. What allot of people and site owners producers don't understand is mostly anything you post online these days whether it's just streaming only and not downloadable content the content can still be ripped,copied,duplicated in pure full HD Quality with some software programs or strictly straight out from your browser! Everything you view,stream,download is all within your browser and if you know the tricks to grab it,you can rip anything from videos,photos,backgrounds,banners,documents etc. I think the real ones to blame here for this copyright crap getting out of control are the third party companies themselves like Google (Youtube),Yahoo Mail,and all the other streaming sites out there it's their fault for allowing porn,fetish videos like pedal pumping to be posted on their sites and allowing idiots like Manic Mechanic to sign up for another account using the same name. If they just took action on users like Manic ban the name "Manic Mechanic" it would solve allot of problems but they don't they only remove the vids when a copyright claim is submitted which by the law they must do! Youtube and all social media sites were not intended for porn,fetish content but as stated for educational,social,purposes only but mostly now you can find porn,and fetish vids on them daily by doing specific search terms like "Pedal Pumping" and you can see massive results duplicates etc and really is no stop to it unless your are willing to submit copyright take downs each and every time. By doing this it's puts the site owners and producers in danger because the bad users like Manic will get their info sent to them in an email from the site itself like "Youtube" and allot of site owners of the content do not want to release their own info for their safety and don't want to be known. These sites themselves created this environment and give the vibe to users to post anything you want which is not the way it was meant to be. From the looks of Manic Mechanics advertisement vids abusing Yahoo Mail with their email address to trade/exchange pedal pumping clips,they look well put together and constructed professionally to good to be true! The way Manic edits out the opening and closing credits,and copyright trademark logos,watermarks and shortens the vids up from their original full duration, that it leads me to believe it is an actual Pedal Pumping fetish site owner producer,webmaster of some sort in the industry themselves. Just one who is a little off and perhaps wants to catch people in the act when they email them asking them for clips pretty much a trap and just posing as a pirate of Pedal Pumping Fetish Content? There are allot of posers out there especially on Youtube! Who want to act like PP Police! Also had a channel with the name "Chucas Hernandez" which was terminated!

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