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Date Posted:12/13/2018 7:22 PMCopy HTML

                                        This isn't really a story All i wanted to say was thank you for the support.I am thinking of doing more stories more about Sandy and billy and maybe more about Stephaine> i am kin of intertwining my stoires togtehr to make a  smoewhat pp universe with sandy as a main focus. Stephaine(from the monte carlo story) is the car currieir Sandy spoke of and you will hear her adventures too. and maybe if i can figure on the correct timeline you wiull hear about Sandys mother Tina! but anyway just a few things i am thinking about to make the stores easier to write and make them a little better.

                                        Instead of the usual soud effects i have been writing.W(which can take too long) I decided on using a code I remember a pedal extreme story back in the ihfancy of the pp web.(this was when pedal pumping was new to me and discovered all of this stuff) about a girl with a olds gcalled "Bobbies Bad Day"  i don't remember the exact story but it used symbols instead of words I am planning to do that in the future. I am sure we have heard how certain car engines turn over when they try to start (or not try to start) Anyway here are the symbols (and to the orignal author of this story whereever you may be I hope you don't mind me using these symbols they are so much easier!)

                                        //////- An enigne turning over but not starting

                                       \\\\\\- an eninge turn over but trying to start or tease into a start

                                        PPPP- hard pedal puming

                                        pppp-gentle pedal pumping

                                        FFFF-putiing the pedal to the floor

                                       @@@-an eninge couging to sputter

                                        $$$-an engine finally starting and revving

                                        #- engine with a weak battery barely turning over

                                        I will use this in future writings > I may not use this in the Denise stroies or other seperate stories because they are not techinally part of the sandy universe!

                                       I hope you enjoy ..will write soon!

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