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Date Posted:08/12/2004 11:37 PMCopy HTML

Every once in awhile, I come across accounts of car trouble on the 'Net. These can be found all over the place- message boards, blogs, etc. Most of the time, they're brief, but they are real-life accounts by real girls. Here's a few:From an online diary called 'Helen of Troy:When I get in my car, my whole body tenses. I can hardly breathe. My fingers shake, and my throat starts getting that telltale itch of tears forming in the back of it. "Please let it start." Over and over again, I repeat this phrase while turning the key. It rarely does start. The tears slowly move higher in my throat. My heart rushes over beats, like each one is competing with the other. I lower my head, as if every person in the parking lot is staring at me, laughing.It seems so ridiculous that it affects me this much. But each morning I fear I won't get my car started, and I won't make it to work. Every night I fear my car won't start and I'll be left walking 2 miles home along the highway, smelling the acrid stench of paper mills sting my nose. I fear I'll lose my job. I fear I'll lose my apartment. I fear my life will always be full of fear. That if it's not my car that I'm worried about, it will always be something else. I wonder if my heart will ever beat normally for an entire day, or if I can save my tears for more than 24 hours. Blah. Even worse, I hate being that depressed loser that I'm annoyed by. The one who thinks somebody is always out to get them. Those people who take no responsibility for the quality of their lives, or for the events that take place around them. I don't want to be that person at all. I just want something to go my way. Please. Please. Please.From a site called Pam's Blog. Nice looking older English lady named (oddly) Pamela Anderson:Monday, October 20, 2003I'm not saying that today was "one of those days" but first thing in the morning the car didn't start. I'd had a bit of trouble yesterday with it so it wasn't a surprise. I really enjoyed walking to work looking at all the lovely red and gold leaves on the trees but I felt a bit chilly - time to dig out my winter gloves I think! Even though I had to walk (2 miles) I was still at my desk by 8.30am. After work I set about getting the car to start and eventally had success. The battery was on the way out so I bought a new one. The last battery was fitted exactly 5 years ago so I suppose it maybe was due for a change?Tuesday October 21, 2003This morning I got up, had my shower and felt happy that I could take the car to work, especially as it was raining / hailstones outside. How wrong could I be! The car wouldn't start again. I just spent ?0 yesterday on a new battery too. Oh no! So once again I walked to work. It wasn't too bad as my coat has a hood and is quite long and of course I listened to music which helped the situation. I arrived at work then noticed my mobile phone had a message saying "restricted" and it was prompting me for a pin number. Not knowing the pin number for this I removed the battery and switched the phone on again, hoping somehow that it would work. It did. I dont know what happened there but I almost had a heart attack. Here's hoping the rest of the day goes better than the beginning.Pamela Anderson 09:20Wednesday, October 22, 2003I tried to start the car again this morning but no joy - it just wouldn't start, so once again I walked to work. I just arrived when it began to rain really heavily with hailstones. I was so lucky to have missed it.Very hot twenty-something, online diary:Holy CRAP what a weekend/week. Sorry I haven't updated this week, but I've had to recuperate from my trip to Atlanta. Would you like to hear the story? Well of course you would. So here goes.I drove to Atlanta on Saturday morning as I always do. Everything went fine. Had a great weekend. But come Monday morning, when I usually drive home, I got into my car and turned the key in the ignition. My engine wouldn't turn over. It acted like it was going to start, it just didn't make it. I tried and tried and tried to get things going, but to no avail. I finally had to stop, for fear I'd flood the engine. Wonderful.Jian went on to work and I went back upstairs to his apartment to get online and wait for him to get to work. He knows a good mechanic down in Atlanta, so he contacted him and sent a tow truck out to me. At about 11:30am, the tow truck gets there, and he tries to start my car as well. Nothing. So he tows it on to the auto shop. I go with him of course. Once they get it off the tow truck, it starts right up. $60 towing bill, only to have my car start right up. *sighs* Fine, though, great! My car is working! The guys at the shop told me to drive it on. I went to get gas right across the street, then headed out. 2 blocks down the road, my car died at a red light. It would not start again, and it kind of felt like the engine was bumping when I'd try to start it.So I call the guy back at the auto shop, tell him where I am, and manage to get a guy to push my car into the gas station on the corner. A few minutes later, the guy gets there and looks at my car. He disconnected my fuel line and when I started it up, no gas came up. My fuel pump had gone bad. Ok. I can handle this, right? I ask him if he can fix it, he says no problem.Average looking brunette, online diary:I guess now I'm back to reality. It's Monday and I'm here at work having what you would call a "lazy" day. Last night I DID actually go out and do something. I had a really good time. I did, though, have one problem, and that was trying to start my car at 2:00 in the morning, in the middle of the city, in the rain and alone. The thing just didn't want to start. I was begging it too. I felt a little foolish begging my car to start, but I know some of you can relate to my experience. But all in all, my car came through for me. It only took about 30 to 45 minutes!Average-looking canadian teen girl, tons of car trouble in a K-car. Here's two good ones:My car stalled again on me. It doesn't stall in the driveway, no... it stalls when I back into the road and throw it into drive. And it won't start again. It is very embarrassing to be stuck in the middle of the road trying to get your car started, trying not to sink into the seat as the engine turns over and over and over and never catches. And then I flooded the engine and it wouldn't even turn over, so I had to sit in the silence and wait, hoping no cars turned down our road. I glanced at the neighbor in my rearview mirror, hoping he just politely ignored the idiot female stuck in the middle of the road. I figured I could always put the car in neutral and push it to the side of the road if needed. Finally it caught, however, as I floored it to clear out the gas I had flooded the engine with, then eased the car to the side to let it warm up like I'm supposed to do in the first place. That's twice I've stalled the car. Shall we go for a third, or will I smarten up and leave the house earlier so I can warm it up for a while first?A great out-of-gas story from the same site:Just as I'm turning onto the freeway entrance I happen to glance at my gas gauge. Empty. There is a split-second of indecision, but it passes and I'm past the point of no return. I know there is a good stretch between freeway exits. I pray my car will hold together for just a little while longer.Every ping, every squeak, every weird thump that car made had me jumping. The first exit came closer. Again, locked in indecision, I couldn't see any gas stations, there were no "gas station, this exit" signs, and I didn't want to get lost. It passed me by. I was going down the hill heading towards the next exit when it coughed and my speed rapidly dropped to half. I turned on my blinker and moved to the side of the road, going as far as I could. I pulled off at a little wide spot, turned off the car, then just sat there, considering my options.So here I am, sitting on the side of the freeway, dressed all Goth, and my cell phone that I always have with me is sitting at home beside my bed. I got out of my car, slammed the door, and started walking. I was laughing at my luck, at the absurdity of it all. I thanked my past of camping, making pit stops along the side of the freeways with our truck and camper, so I am relatively used to the semis flying by - relatively, as it always, and still does, freak me out. At least it's not raining. I walk along the side of the road, and realize at some point that I am talking aloud to myself.I head towards the nearest gas station, the only one I can see, getting stuck in the middle of a 4-lane road on my way. What idiot decided to go from a sidewalk to none at all? But I make it across and to the gas station, and am pleased to see that they have little gas canisters for sale. I consider the two sizes, grab the smallest one. I figure it's not the brightest idea I've had in a long time, but it's a small car and I have to carry the sucker all the way back to my car. The girl at the counter asks if I want to just borrow the can, and I'm now thinking that would have been smart, but I had been thinking it might be a good idea to keep a can of gas in my trunk in case it happens again. So I buy it, fill it with gas. Walk all the way back.Now I have seen these canisters used plenty of times before, with lawn mowers and boat motors and all sorts of other things. I know you take the cap off, pull the nozzle out, turn it around, put the cap back on. The stupid cover plate kept trying to roll away from me. It was windy. Then started the rather difficult matter of getting the gas from the can to the car. No one told me it would be that difficult. I finally figured I had to get the nozzle as close to the car as possible, then tip the can up and shove the nozzledown the hole in one smooth motion. My experience level being what is with such things, a good bit of the gas ended up dribbling down the side of my car. Yes, I know that is not good for it. No, I do not care very much.So the gas being emptied into the car (or mostly so), as it were, I put the canister in the trunk and got back in my car, taking a moment to breathe again. I mumbled that a break just went by, now I'd have to wait for another one. I turned the key. The engine turned over. And over and over and over. And that car just would not start.I gave a little peal of laughter in disbelief and sat there, wondering what in hell to do now. Do I walk all the way back up there? Then get more gas? Call BCAA? Instead I sit in the car and turn the key again. And again. And again.Finally, after several more tries and pleading on my part, the car starts. I put on my blinker and vocally urge the steady stream of cars to let up and let me get in. It didn't for a while, and the entire time I'm freaking because I have no idea how much gas is in that tank.Finally I get to pull out, drive about 50 feet, and make it up the exit. Yes, 50 feet, that's how close I was to the exit. I went back to the gas station, marveling at how much better it feels to be in a car rather than wandering down the road on foot, and filled up my gas tank.One more, from an online-diary:When I was in elementary school, for years my parents had a car where anytime the temperature was under 50 degrees in the morning (which was pretty much all winter long), my mother would have to open up the hood and tell me to get out of the car and stand next to the hood holding down a little button while she tried to start the ignition, and there would be five minutes of suspenseful pleading with the car every single morning, never quite knowing whether or not it would actually get around to being willing to drive me to school that day. Now I can't imagine living that way.
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Re:Tales from the Internet

Date Posted:08/13/2004 12:45 AMCopy HTML

Some simple rules that we have come up with to help keep this place a peacefull pleasuredome of pedal pumping pleasure.

3.  Do not post material from other sites, especially the pay sites.  We respect EVERYONES right to be in business and would never steal their material.  Besides, all the other webmasters are members here and frequent our board so you will get caught.  Remember, we are free for ALL.

this is why this is locked


Do I look like a care?

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