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Date Posted:01/07/2019 6:26 PMCopy HTML

It was a rainy winter evening, my mom had to go to her workplace. As she worked in the night school, so she would either take me along with her or I had to stay alone in home for the evening. On that day, as I had more work to do and the weather was not that good so my mom decided to go alone to her night school. Moreover, I was very tired that day as I was busy in some project work in my school. 

She got ready, she was in her normal attire, a yellow saree and flat sandals. Her hair was open, so I knew that she would wither make plait or tie it in a bun while she would warm up her car. She told me to study during her absence and be careful to lock the main door. I carried my books to the living room and told her that I would be studying there. She told me to turn off the lights of my room ........... (what a boon for me !!!), I agreed and locked the main door while she walked outside the corridor. 

Normally, our 1997 white Maruti 800 was parked inside the garage; but on that day as I was late arriving home so she decided to keep it in the drive way itself after reversing it. It was complete dark outside and it was raining a bit. I reached my room, thanks that my light was off. I carefully stood in the middle of the curtains and the window to enjoy the cranking session. As it was cold and rainy, so I anticipated a longer session that evening. I was in a great place, by no means she could even caught me there. She thought I was in the living room. 

She walked towards the car with her pink umbrella. She unlocked her car and kept her bag inside in the passenger seat. As soon as she opened the door, the dome light turned on, but still before getting inside the car, she switched on the headlights by turning on the column switch in the steering wheel. She straightened her Saree and finally got in, then she closed the umbrella and kept inside. I got a great view of her back through the rear windshield, the incandescent dome light gave a nice view, the headlights were in low beams and they lit up the drive way. She finally closed the door, and started adjusting herself in the driver's seat for a comfortable driving. The head-rests from both the front seats were removed in our car, so I got a nice view of her back and her open hairs. The yellow saree and white leather seats had a great contrast. 

I was praying, so that she won't turn off the dome light, otherwise I would miss the view. She sat straight in her seat, I knew the cranking session was about to start, she was combing her open hair with her fingers. She turned on the ignition and twisted the key, the starter motor grinded but didn't crank. She twisted the key again, again the same grinding sound. She decided to hold the key for some more time and the starter grinded correspondingly for more time. 

I could see her back and as the dome light was on, so I couldn't figure out whether she turned off the ignition, but she paused for a minute. She twisted the key again and this time the starter finally cranked, she cranked for more than a minute but the engine had no sign of starting. She decided to pump the gas, so she started pumping the gas pedal for some 10 - 12 times as I counted her bounces in the seat. She twisted the key but instead of cranking again the starter motor grinded. The grinding of the starter motor wasn't there earlier, but it was gradually increasing past a month and on that day it was grinding more. 

For the next 3 attempts, the starter motor cranked without fail. She assisted the cranking with pumping simultaneously but still the engine didn't start. The headlights and the dome light would dim while she would crank. She took a short break, may be of 3 - 4 minutes, she leaned back on her seat and started to run her fingers across her open hair. I thought she would tie her hair but she was focusing more on starting the car. Although she had limited knowledge about car (even me too), but she knew the difference between cranking and just grinding of the starter motor. 

She started another session of cranking. She twisted the key and the starter motor just grinded. She repeated and the result was same. This continued for the 5th time, she was a bit frustrated as I thought, so she continued to hold the key for almost 2 minutes and the poor starter motor grinded for almost 2 minutes with that awkward noise screeeechchchchch................................. She stopped and immediately twisted again and fortunately the starter cranked. As she knew the starter grinded more than it cranked, so decided to crank it for longer duration, she cranked it for almost more than 3 minutes with pumping the gas continuously. The headlights dimmed with the cranking but she didn't gave any attention to it and just continued to crank, but the engine still failed to start. 

She cranked again, with some more pumping and bouncing in the seat. I was was enjoying the show from my window. The rain almost stopped so the view through the rear windshield improved than earlier. After 2 more crankings with pumping, the engine started but it was running rough. She was fiddling the gas pedal to prevent stalling the engine, she carefully increased the rev of the car but unfortunately it stalled on her again.

She cranked again, the engine started and she started to rev it for some time. She noticed that the engine was running rough so she was carefully feeding it gas.  Meanwhile, she combed her hair using the rear view mirror and by the time she completed it and decided to tie it the engine stalled again. I thought she would start it, but the continued to do her hair. She tied it in bun, if the car would have responded properly then she might had made a plait instead of making a bun. Once she was done with her hair, she again adjusted herself in the seat. She would often slip in her leather seat while pumping and bouncing in the seat which loosens and displaces her Saree. This is why she hated her leather seats. 

Once she made herself comfortable in the seat and done with her hair, she decided to start it. She knew that the engine was almost warm and she was good to go. She twisted the key, unfortunately it grinded again. She tried again, in this 2nd attempt she continued to grind the starter for long time like the prevous case thinking the starter would crank in the 3rd attempt. While the starter would grind instead of cranking, the headlights or the dome light wouldn't dim at all. She stopped thinking the 3rd attempt would crank but it also just grinded. She waited a bit, most probably turned off the ignition. She twisted the key again, the starter motor grinded and she stopped. She tried again, fortunately it cranked and she tried her best so that the engine catches but she failed. She gave some more pumps bouncing in her seat, she cranked again and the car started. She revved for almost 2 minutes in a constant rpm and in a a gentle way probably pressing 2/3rd of the gas pedal. At higher revs the headlights and dome light would brighten up. 

After this revving session, she was confident enough that the engine would not stall. She shifted to 1st gear, had a sip of water from her water bottle and turned off the dome light. I was anticipating a stall for the last time but she finally drove to school without any trouble.

I don't know about other cars but our car had massive issues with starter motor grinding. It was very embarrassing in public as my mom stalled her car very frequently and the struggle with it was a nightmare.  

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