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Date Posted:01/10/2011 9:34 PMCopy HTML

Happy New Year Folks: 

Hey, I just saw TRON: LEGACY (2010) this past weekend.  I thought that movie was absolutely amazing.  Everything in the movie was just like everything in its original 1982 predecessor, only with more upgrades regarding CGI (computer generated images), special effects and music.  I gave this movie an A+.  In the movie, the tough-and-sexy Quorra (played by actress Olivia Wilde) drives her "tronmobile" fast and hard from the light-cycle arena and unto the dirt roads, after the tires get adjusted and everything.  (I think the female character in the first TRON movie also did some fast and hard driving with one of those light cycles.)  I don't want to tell too much and thus spoil everything; it's just that I encourage all of you to watch both TRON movies if you haven't seen them yet whenever you can, that's all.  Also, speaking of computer/video games, but not necessarily TRON, you all should check out the MARIO KART RACE (or whatever the title is) video game series, especially the version designed for the Wii.  I think that the Princess in the game is either driving a kart or bike, and instead of a dress, she is wearing white/pink racing gear.  Anyway, she is hot, and I have a BIG thing for biker chicks, racer chicks and stunt chicks.  Anyway, check out the game, you might be impressed.  I have to go now - bye.


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