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Date Posted:05/14/2010 9:41 PMCopy HTML

Hello Folks:

I knew that this was the appropriate place to put any movies featuring fast-car-driving women.  Well, in this case, I encourage you all to check out the movie TOMBOY (1985).  It's a cheesy 1980s dramedy flick (a movie that is part drama and part comedy) about a woman named Tommy (actress Betsy Russell) who works as a vehicle mechanic in a small town.  (First of all, I'm a guy who has a big thing for chicks who fix things, which is the main reason why I rented this movie in the first place!)  Believe me, she is pretty good at what she does (in the movie, that is).  As far as fast driving goes, there are one or two scenes that show her with some racing gear with a helmet on competing against her former love interest, who happens to be a guy who is well known in the Racing World.  She actually beats him in the end.  Some other scenes I like are:

1.  A bar scene where Tommy meets up with this guy who wants to buy her a drink.  They later leave the bar on her motorcycle.  She is riding in the front, while he is riding behind her, almost holding on to her a**.  It is very rare to see a guy riding behind a chick on a bike, jet ski or horse.  When it does happen, I enjoy watching it for some reason.  There is a similar scene in THE MATRIX RELOADED (2003). 

2.  A hitchhiking scene, showing that same guy trying to ride back to town after he rides with Tommy.  Finally, a sports automobile comes up and stops.  Inside is a female driver.  After she offers him a ride, she flashes her b^^bs at him, inviting him in the car.  It doesn't take too long for him to comply and afterwards, they speed up the other way.  (I would have definitely LOVED to be that hitchhiker!  That was one of my favorite scenes.)

4.  A mixed boxing scene between Tommy and her former love interest - the racing guy.  She throws a few punches and encourages him to knock her out.  Find out what happens next.  (To me it is an interesting scene, even though I do not necessarily hit women myself.)

To find out more about this movie, log on to .  It is also on DVD, too.  Tell me what you think about it after you watch it.


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