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Date Posted:06/04/2016 9:50 AMCopy HTML

This is an excerpt from "My Solo Driving Experience" posted on The Passenger's Seat.

I dropped my husband off at the train station, ran some errands and somewhere took a series of wrong turns and now am hopelessly lost on some two lane road that is heading out of town. Suddenly the paved road ends and turns into gravel and then dirt. I don’t want to go any further and bring the car to a stop. What should I do? The road is too narrow to turn around and I’m terrible at backing up but I decide to try: shifting into Reverse I carefully add gas trying to steer in the center of the road. The car backs slowly and then suddenly stops. I add more gas but the car doesn’t move.  I press on the gas pedal but the car still won’t back up.   I check to be sure that I am in Reverse and try again adding more gas only to realize that the wheels are spinning helplessly. I shift into Drive and try to go forward.  To my relief the car moves forward. I pull up and try backing again.  The car backs a short distance as I try to steer a straight line and then stops again.  I add more gas but once again the wheels are spinning. Back into Drive to move forward, but this time the car doesn’t move. Panicked I floor the gas pedal but I can feel the wheels spinning. I let up on the gas and the car stalls.
I open the door and try to see what I’ve done only to discover that I’ve backed off the side of the road onto the soft shoulder and my rear wheel is stuck in the sand. Closing the door, I set about re-starting the car but it won’t start. After several tries I shut the ignition off and try to regain my composure.  I’m really upset and can’t think clearly. I realize that I have no idea what to do. I try to reassure myself that if I got the car started at the stop sign I can surely do it again if I’m patient. How did I get into this mess?
I wait several minutes before trying to start the car and am rewarded by the car starting on the first attempt. I race the engine to keep it from stalling and then mash the gas pedal to the floor as I try to get unstuck.  The car shudders but refuses to move. I try again with no luck.  I let the car idle as I try to remain calm.  I try adding gas slowly but that doesn’t work either.  I try backing up again but the car still refuses to move.  I try flooring the gas pedal in reverse but I’m stuck fast.  As I shift into drive again the car stalls.  I try restarting the car but once again it refuses to start. Determined to get it started I keep trying, aggressively pumping the gas pedal but it shows no sign of starting. I shut the ignition off and wait for the car to recover. While waiting I get out of the car to see how badly I’m stuck.  I’m appalled to find that the wheel is buried in the sand. Oh no, how am I going to get out of this?

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