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Date Posted:01/20/2019 9:47 PMCopy HTML

                                             Stephaine was enjoying the conversation with Billy about his life his love for hers and his love for cars.She saw what an aamazing relationship that Billy and Sandy have. Mr Highland was very always very loving to Stephaine with a great stamina that men his age are rare. After Stephaine, Billy and Linda all ahd their pizza>Stephaine went downstaris to try another car while Billy watched Sandys POV video with her T bird stalled.

                                              Stephaine looked at another beautiful carA 1968 Mercury Cougar with all the ihidden headlights. Stehpanie slide into the drivers seat and put the keys into the dash mounted ignition.What a classic car she thought

                                               "looks to me you are the prettiest car on the lot, baby. You are going to start for me like a good girl aren't you."Stephaine said as her sandaled feet pumped the suspened gas pedal about five times slowy and seductivley heel to the floor then she held it halfway.

                                                fffff//////////////.pppp//////////p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p///p/pp//.(come on baby please start for stephaine.//////p/p/p/p/p/p/\/\/\/\/\/\fff/\/\/\/\///////\/\/\/\/\\\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\////////.ppppp////////////\//\/\/\\/ffff/\/\\//\/\/\/\/\\/\\\///////p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/\\\\//\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\//////////p/p/p/p/p\\\\\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\//////////.

                                                 "Cmom baby you know you want to start for me. Keep trying baby."

                                                   #////////p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/\\\/\/\/\/\\\//\/\/\///////p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/pf/f/f/f/f/f/f/f\/\//\/\/\\/\/\/f\\/\/\f\/\/\/f\/\/////////p//p/p/p/pp/ / / / p/ p/ p/ p/ .

                                                 "no no no baby I can't be running your battery down that quickly  Now cmon start for Stephaine.

                                                    ###/ / / / /p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ \\\\\\\\\///\/\\/\/\/\\/\\/ffff/\/\/\/\/\/\\\/\/\/\/\/\///// / / / /p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ p/ /  p/  /p/  p/  p/

                                                  Come on baby You can do it do give up on me.

                                                 # # # /  /  /  /  /  /p/  p/  p/  p/  p/  p/  p/  p/  .  ppppp #   #   #  /   /   /   /   /p/   p/   p/   p/   p/   p/   p/   \\//\\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\/\/\\/\//\\\/\/\//\/\\///    /    /    /    /p/   p/   p/   p/   /   / #  #  #

                                                 COme on Baby You don't want to taht to me do you Don't you want to start for me PPPPP  Start for me Baby girl

                                                 #   #   #   #ppp#ppp#ppp#ppp#\/\\/\/\\/\/\/\/\\\\\\\\/\\\\\\\\\/\\\\\\\\\VROOM!

                                                Thats is girl i knew you could do it.

                                                Stephaine logged the book as the cougar started she revved and vrevved to rechage the cougars battery but somehow her own battewries are being recharged She didi a slight shiver.

                                                 After she composed herself she turned of the car and was eyeying an old familar freind Princess her 77 monte carlo.

                                                 Stephaine licked her lips...

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