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Date Posted:12/22/2018 7:42 PMCopy HTML

                                                  Stephaine was riding inher 2016 ford escape to go to her job. Back in the day she was a telemarketer working at a firm with Mr. Highland. Then things heated up between the two of them and evenytually got married and had a baby boy Monte maned after the car he was concevied in.Stephaine and Mr. highland has had a wonderful marriage tkaing care of thier son About a year ago when Mr. highland reting they spend more time rasing thier son together after a couple of months stephanie took a job at Sandys car garage, basically trying to start all of the cars and get them running and working. She was successful on some days and others not. Stephaine loved the work and for a little bit of time Stephaine missed the pumping and cranking of those old cars. mr Highland understood that and he said Go ahead take it, thinking he can't live on retirement forever.

                                                     Stephaine pulled into the driveway and got out of her SUV. She was wearing a nice almond colored pant suit with a nice white blouse and  and some ankle straps witha flowery design on the vamp heel and strap.As she got into the garageSandy greeted her friend and employee.

                                                     "how are ya doing Steph?" Sandy coming in. Sandy was wearing a dress with a bird like design and black skirt part and wore brown plaform cork wedge sandals with nude hose.

                                                     "Im Great how are things?" Steph asked.

                                                       "very good , Billys upstairs with Linda" Sandy and Billy three year old daughter conceived in Sandys LTD on thier wedding night.

                                                       "are we getting anything new today> Steph said.

                                                        "we might i am going to check it out now" Sandy said

                                                        "wow this is so amazing I will get these old cars going as many as i can." Steph said.

                                                         "yeah I know you do a good job here." Sandy said.

                                                          Sandy and Stephaine talked about thier kids during the conversation. Steph said that she and Mr Highland were trying for another baby, while Sandy said that she and Billy just found out they have another one on the way finding that out last week.Then the coversation went to the car starting rotation. First the 36 model t and work your way up by year.

                                                          "I think i got it." Steph said.

                                                          "OK Good" as Sandy walkied up to her Thunderbird and got in. Sandy put the key in the ignition and turned it to off. Then Sandy pumped the gas ten times heel to toe ever so genlty with her sandal clad foot.

                                                           "ok Tiffany be a good girl and start for Mommy.

                                                            Sandy used to pump it five times and hold to the floor when she turned the key. But now with the car getting older It did require more pumped as she cranked it over.

                                                           ###///////////.ppppp # # # ////p///p///p//p//ffff/////////p/p/p//////..(come on Honey be a good girl and start for me

                                                          pppppppppp #  #  # / / / / / / /p /p /p /p /p /p /p /p /p /p / / / / /ffff/ / / / / / / / /.

                                                          "come on Tiffany Do be jealous You will always be my car. Now come on Baby girl Start like a good girl.

                                                          pppppppppp #   #   #   #   #  /   /   /   //p   /p   /p   /p   \\\\\\\\\\\\\fff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  /   /   /   /p /p   /p   /p   /p   \\\\\\\\\\\\\ffff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\@$@$@$@$@$$@$VROOM!

                                                            Thats its honey. Sandy then pulled out of the garage and out in the street.

                                                           Stephaine began her cranking ritual "now wheres that Model T"

                                                               End of part 1 

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