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Date Posted:11/16/2018 11:17 PMCopy HTML

Hi everybody! Finally I was able to continue this story, I know it took a long time, but hopefully I will be able to write some stories more often, I have a bunch of interesting ideas.

For your convenience, here is the first part of the story: Part 1 Also, I will post this in two parts because the editor says it is over the character limit... :(

This story was posted on StuckWorld too.

Mary: You see, there is nothing to worry about! This is a sweet little car. :)
With this, with her right hand, Mary patted the left knee of her friend reassuringly.
Tina: Would you be so confident even without knowing that you have a bit of sand in your trunk?
Mary: I don't know... Maybe... I am sure I would have gotten out eventually!
Tina: Or not! :) - Tina was laughing.
The black haired woman slowly drove her first generation gray Citroen C3 towards the exit. Some distance away in front of them stood the old black BMW E30 idling. Mary was thinking what is the guy still doing here, on this late hour. She did not pay attention to him until now, she was preoccupied with other, more slippery things.  Was he doing more doughnuts here? She did not think so, there was less room here. And she did not see any circular tire marks on the icy ground neither. Why was he still here? Was he watching them struggling back there? The thought made Mary blush. She could not place the thought, but it was a childish excitement, she only felt a very long time ago. Now that they got closer, she was pretty sure it was a guy from the look of the driver's silhouette.
Tina: Hey! Is that the guy from before?
Mary: I think he is, but I am not sure...
Tina: Let's find out! Let's talk to him!
Mary: Are you sure it is a wise idea?
Tina: Sure, why not?
When they got closer, they slowed down and finally stopped some distance away behind the BMW.  The black car was idling in front of them, blocking their way.
Mary: What is he waiting for?
Tina: I don't know... Come on, let's move! - she said out loud. After a couple moments later, she reached over to the steering wheel and sounded the car horn twice. Mary would have waited a bit more, and even then, she would prefer o signal by flashing her headlights. She thought her friend's way of honking was a bit rude. She was shyer than that. She could not drive around him, between the two rows of parking spots, the path on the middle was only wide enough for a single lane. Technically, they were now going in the wrong direction, but the entrance was ahead, and the parking lot was empty. So why not?
The guy looked in the rear-view mirror, and signaled back with his horn, with two friendly beeps which Mary liked. Although the other car's horn sounded louder and deeper, she felt as it counted friendly...
Tina: Finally!
The BMW started going forward slowly, and a couple seconds later Mary got going too. Just as she began moving, the BMW in front of them stopped, so she had to stop too.
Tina: Oh come on!
The BMW started rolling again, but same as before, when Mary started moving too, he stopped.
Mary: Either he is mad at you for sounding the horn, or he is teasing us!
Tina: Teasing? Why?
Mary: Don't you think he had the chance to check us out when we were struggling back there? He was here the whole time.
Tina: Maybe...
For some reason, this felt really exciting to Mary. A complete stranger, teasing with her like this. The car in front of them did not move, so she flashed the headlights three times when the driver in front of them flashed his brake lights three times.
Mary: Well, hello to you too...
Tina: This is getting ridiculous! Let's go around him!
Mary: Why? Are you in a rush somewhere?
Tina: At least go beside him so we can see him.
Mary: Okay.
To do that, Mary had to go onto the row of parking spots, and those were not really cleaned. There was little snow there, but the ground was icy and uneven from the ruts and wheel marks of the parked cars. They were in the same condition as in front of the closed store she got stuck minutes ago. She drove slowly and cautiously, but when the driver in front of them saw that they are trying to go around him, also started rolling forward.
Mary: Wait! Wait! don't go away!
Tina rolled down her window and shouted loudly: Wait, we want to chat!
The black car stopped right before the exit of the parking lot. Mary struggled to go forward on the uneven ice. Her car was losing a lot of momentum when she got into a rut. Then she was spinning to get going further, sometimes for a bit longer. This frustrated her. She did not want to get stuck again, but she neither wanted the guy to go away, so she gave more gas, which Tina noticed.
Mary: Go Mary, go! Let's catch him!
They caught up with the other car and stopped beside him. Mary almost miscalculated, she pressed the brake a bit harder in order not to hit the curb in front of her. The entrance was only wide enough for one car, beside it from both sides was a thin line of curbs. When they stopped beside the black BMW and rolled down the window, they saw the face of the driver. He was a 20-something guy, wearing a baseball cap. His face was hardly visible, the cap's visor threw a long shadow. Tina signaled for him to roll down his windows too, which the guy hesitantly did.
Tina: Hi :) You have a very nice car! - She was shouting over to the car beside them. Mary also waved a shy but friendly hello to him.
Mary: Hello!
The guy hesitated a bit, then rolled down his window and turned his face toward the two girls.
Jack:  Hello girls! Good evening! How are you?
Tina: We are fine, thank you. I am Tina, and this is Mary.
Jack: It's nice to meet you, my name is Jack.
Tina: The feeling is mutual! We saw you before over there, doing some really awesome doughnuts! That is so cool!
Jack: Thank you! Did you like them?
Tina: Yes we both did :)
Mary did not want to correct her overly enthusiastic friend.
Jack: Thanks. I guess you two did have some fun of your own, right? It looked like that was pretty slippery ice back there.
Tina: Well...
Both girls were smiling. Mary felt her face turning red.
Jack: Congratulations on your driving skills, Mary. It must have been a pretty bad feeling being stuck there, being unable to move.
Mary answered shyly: Yes, it was, a bit...
Gosh, why did he have to see me back there? This is so embarrassing! - the older woman thought. Tina realized her friend's reaction, so she jumped in to help
Tina: Yes, we got into a bit of a situation, but as you can see, we got out, and so we are here, chatting with you :)
Jack: Yes, I can see that. Isn't it cold in these tiny outfits you have there?
Tina: Umm.. no... :)
Tina opened her door, so the guy could see the blonde girl's outfit clearly. Sadly he could not see the driver.
Jack: Wow! Are you sure? You look awesome! I am sure your friend looks as fabulous as you are! I cannot see you properly.
Mary's face was really red now, she felt really shy. She was out of words...
Tina: Come on miss, show yourself to him - whispered Tina, teasing. She knew well her friend would never do that.
Mary hesitated for a couple of seconds, then decided to be brave. She is a grown-up woman, there is no need for behaving like a silly teenager. She collected her thoughts, opened her door and stepped out of the car, leaving her friend sitting there in a shocking surprise. Tina was amazed, this was something brand new from her friend. Mary cautiously walked around the car from behind, and stood behind the open passenger side door, leaning her back to the car, and smiling.
Jack: Oh. My. God!
Mary was blushing, no matter how silly she felt about this reaction.
Jack: Well, I have to tell, I have never seen a more beautiful young woman in my life!
Mary: Oh please, don't be silly!
Tina was grinning sitting inside the car. She decided, it will be better if she would step out of the car too, so she did, also leaning her back towards the car, trying to show her biggest smile.
Mary: So, what are you doing here this late hour?
Jack: I thought I should test my winter driving skills, just to make sure I don't get rusty or anything like that, but I realized this is also a great place to have some fun, so I guess, I got lost in the moment... For quite some time, it looks like :)
Tina: You did awesome tricks back there! Would you take me to a spin some time?
Jack: Thank you :) You think so too, Mary?
Mary: Well, yes...
Jack: Now that was really not convincing!
The three of them were laughing.
Mary: I guess I am too old for that kind of things...
Jack: Instead you decided to do some other kind of fun?
Mary: Umm, yes :)
Jack: I noticed you had some cat litter in your car, but you thought you can get out without that. It was brave thinking! I am sure you gave a really hard time to this nice little car.
Both of the girls were blushing now...
Tina: Actually, it was my fault, I told her to come here, we wanted to buy some drinks, but the store was already closed.
Jack: I see...

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Re:Slippery parking lot - Part 2

Date Posted:11/16/2018 11:18 PMCopy HTML

Tina: So... what do you think, could I go with you for a spin? It seemed so awesome what you were doing from the outside, I am sure it is just as fun from the inside too!
Jack: I can assure you, it is :) But that needs a lot of gas, and my tires are wearing out with it too...
Tina: Please...
Jack: Mary, would you like to come too?
Mary: Well, I think I am better here, I don't like these kinds of experiences, I was always sick on the roller coaster too.
Jack: Well, that's too bad then. So, in that case, I would need to ask for something in return...
Mary: Oh, Jack! You can see she would do anything for a ride. Is that how you make a nice young girl happy?
Jack: I have to tell, I would like it more if Mary would come on a ride with me.
Mary: Mister, you cannot have anything in life.
Tina: Hey Mary! - She was puzzled now. Her friend clearly liked the young guy's attention, but she did not want to get into his car? She didn't understand.
Jack: Hmm... Too bad then... Actually, I have an idea...
Mary: And what is that?
Jack: I have seen you are pretty good at getting stuck.
The two girls blushed in an instant
Jack: And somewhat good at getting unstuck - he smiled, saving the mood just in the right moment.
Mary could not help but laugh at the comment.
Mary: Yes, you can see I was able to drive all the way up here from there just fine.
Tina: Mary, I think that is an overstatement! You were spinning pretty hard in those ruts over there!
The three of them were laughing.
Jack: See what I mean? So, I thought I would give you a challenge. And if you do it, I will take Tina on a ride.
Mary was thinking hard about what the challenge might be. But Tina caught the hidden meaning in the guy's words.
Tina: You want us to get stuck?
The realization shocked Mary.
Jack: Yes. Well, just to see who is the better driver! Mary or me. You know, last time when I came here to do some doughnuts, I accidentally miscalculated and went over these curbs that you have on the edge of the parking lot. My car slipped on the ice, and I went straight through the curbs. I was a bit scared, but luckily there was no damage to the car.
Tina: And were you able to drive away? - asked Tina, on a teasing voice.
Jack: Haha, well, that's the point. I could not get off the place. The curb was directly under the center of my car, perpendicularly. One edge behind my front wheels and the other edge of the curb was in front of the back wheels.
Mary: You could not get any momentum to hop over the curb.
Jack: Exactly. And I was struggling for quite some time until I got free. Now, it looks like you two girls are more experienced in this (winking), and your car is shorter than mine. So I thought if you are willing to try to get over the curbs, and you succeed, then I will give Tina a ride.
Mary: And if we can't get through?
Jack: Well, that will be unfortunate, that's for sure. But in that case, you both will come over to my place. I have drinks, some snacks, so we can have a nice evening, chatting.
Mary was thinking about this, she didn't know why, but the idea of this challenge excited her.
Mary: All right. Let's do it!
Tina: Hey Mary! What are you doing?
Mary leaned closer to Tina so she could whisper in her friend's ears: I think you and this guy have something in common, and I don't have an issue with that. And besides, why can't I have some fun too? The worst thing that can happen is that we will have some company for the evening. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, don't you think?
Tina: As you wish, girl!
Jack: So, are you in? - asked on a surprised voice.
Mary: Yes, I accept your challenge. Are there some rules?
Jack: Hmm... No, you can do anything, just get over that curb, anywhere you would like, the part here in front of your car is good too. Tina can push you, you can use anything you want,  even that cat litter you have.
Mary: That was only sand. - smiling. She deliberately did not mention that there was no more sand in her trunk that she could put under the tires.
Jack: You can use that if you would like. Oh, but I still have one rule.
Mary: Yes?
Jack: Only Mary can drive.
Tina: But why?
Jack: I don't know. I guess I didn't see yet how are your driving skills, but I like Mary's. And those boots are so nice!
Mary: Thank you. - blushing. - Let's get going then.
The three of them got into their cars, smiling.
Jack could not believe Mary's willingness to do this. He was pretty certain he will see a good struggle from the girls, so this will be a night he would remember for quite some time. A thought got into his head. Reaching to the passenger seat, he grabbed a small cube with a short flexible tripod. It was a Go Pro he used as a dash-mounted camera in the car. Cautiously he wrapped the flexible arms around the steering wheel, so the camera would have a good angle, but remain hidden. When he was pleased with the position, he hit the record button, sank into his heat, and watched the girls.
Tina was excited too. The thought of this guy watching them was not as appealing as her being able to watch her friend, try to go over those curbs, in this outfit that she chose to her. She was almost trembling from excitement and grinning at her as hard as she could.
Tina: Are you really doing this?
Mary: Hahaha, I knew you will like this.
Tina: But, are you sure you can climb it?
Mary: I looked at the curb, it is not that high, but it's snowy and icy everywhere. There is also a pair of ruts from parked cars. It's possible I might have a little trouble getting through them - she smiled at her friend, knowing how much she liked this.
Tina: So, you are saying you can't make it?
Mary: No, I am saying I might get a bit stuck in the process. I hope you can handle it - winking to Tina and patted her friend's knees.
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Re:Slippery parking lot - Part 2

Date Posted:11/16/2018 11:21 PMCopy HTML

I have just realized that the image link is not working anymore, so here is a working link:

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