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Date Posted:03/24/2018 11:22 PMCopy HTML

This story was also posted by me on StuckWorld

Hello! This is my very first pedal pumping story, I was thinking about the idea for a quite long time and finally decided to type it down and share it with you. It is a completely fictional story with fictional characters. I am a visual type so I based my characters on the two woman and their outfit shown in the picture linked below. Please disregard the car in the background of the picture, that is not used in the story. Also, I know for some of you the way I wrote the dialogue (Mary:/Tina:) is distracting, but I did not know how to do it differently. Please enjoy the story, and if you have any kind of comment, opinion, suggestion, anything, please feel free to share it with me!

Picture of the two girls:

Mary: Told you it's closed!
Tina: Damn it!
The two girls were standing in front of the closed mall doors. Despite it being a Friday night, just past 1 AM, the small store was closed. They were standing in front of a large shopping mall's parking lot. The lights inside were on, and also the parking lot lighting was on.
Tina: But I thought that's why the gate was open!
Indeed, out of three entrances to the parking lot, one had the barrier gate open. On the snowy and icy ground, there were a lot of tire marks visible, but they could not tell if they were fresh or not... The two ladies were coming from a party. Mary, the 48 years old single lady was invited by her 31 years old girlfriend Tina to a small house party. They were best friends since, well, they could not remember since when.
Mary was lately becoming very distant and isolated to people. Her husband cheated on her and left her 4 years ago. Since then, as far as Tina knew, she had nobody in her life. And Tina knew everything, they shared details and secrets of their life with each other. She felt this had to change. So this Friday afternoon she showed up at her friend's house uninvited. Tina's colleagues were having a house party this evening, and she knew the both of them needed just like this. A lot of half-strangers, who were friends of people she knew. She did not have a boyfriend either, but she desperately needed to find one for her friend. So after much hesitation, she managed to dress up her friend Mary elegantly for the awaited evening. Mary was at first hesitant, she did not have anything to put on, she said. And anyway, she had already some plans for the evening - watching Desperate Housewives on the TV. Tina was not put off by this, so she opened the large plastic bag she was carrying, which contained the perfect party outfit for her friend. Yes, they knew perfectly each others size and taste. Despite Mary's opposition, the woman dressed up. She was wearing a short-sleeve polka dot mini dress, shiny nude pantyhose, and black suede high heeled ankle boots. Mary was a full figure brunette, with shorter hair, a bit thicker thighs. Mary felt uneasy at first. She did not put on a skirt for quite long time, especially not like this short one...  The whole outfit felt out of place for her, but Tina reassured her, it was the perfect match. Both for the party, and also for Tina's outfit too. Her makeup was done too, dark eyelashes, strong red rouge... She thought this was exaggerated, but Tina did not accept any excuses, they were going to the party. Tina had short blonde hair, her body also a bit larger as her friend's. She had a shiny black sleeveless dress with nude pantyhose and knee-high black high heeled boots.
Despite Mary's hesitation, the two girls felt great at the party. They talked with a bunch of guys, but they were too young for Mary, even in Tina's opinion. Then things escalated quickly, and not long before midnight, the cops showed up because of the neighbor's noise complaints. The party was ruined, so the two girls decided to get home, but neither of them wanted to really go home. They decided they will drive around in town, maybe they will find someplace to go to. This was a pretty vain effort. On a late January night with temperatures around -5 C, they did not see too many people on the streets, and the bars were already full of people. It has snowed a day earlier, the roads were mostly clean from snow, but there were still uncleaned or cleaned but icy spots everywhere. Mary did not mind driving around in the city at night, she was chatting with her friend while driving. Tina decided they should get some wine and continue to party, just the two of them, at home. She suggested they go to the shopping mall, which they did. One of the barrier gates were open, so they entered, and parked in front of the small shop, but soon they realized no shop was open.
Mary: Told you it's closed!
Tina: Damn it! What should we do now?
Mary: Let's go back to the car, it's cold outside.
The two woman started walking back to Mary's car parked not far away from the shop entrance on a parking spot. It was a grey colored first generation Citroen C3. The engine was idling, but they noticed loud engine noise coming from not so far away. It was an old black BMW E30. It was drifting in the empty parking area, doing doughnuts after doughnuts on the snowy ice. It looked like a lone guy was inside, but they couldn't know.
Tina: How cool is that. Do you know how to do that?
Mary: Ha-ha, no. I value my car more than to try destroying it this recklessly. And also, my car is front wheel drive, I think you can only do that with a rear wheel drive car...
Tina: Yes, I know. You and your cute little car. It has the same big round curves as you have, lady :) - With this, Tina patted her hand on her friend's butt.
Mary: Hey, miss! I see you would like to walk home?
Tina: Only if you are walking with me too! It would be so cool with you wearing your cute booties. I like the sound of them on this ice!
Mary: I am glad you do! Although they are nice and warm, they are pretty slippery too! Next time I am choosing my shoes for myself, that's for sure!
Tina: You never appreciated fashion!
The two girls got in the running car laughing.
Mary: Now this is better! It's too cold outside for walking around in this dress!
Tina: Next time when we go to a party, you can come in jeans and a shirt if you would like...
Mary: I will! :) Now, what do we do now?
Tina: Should we try to find another store?
Mary: Nah, it's too late. I think I have some champagne at home. I know it's not perfect, but it's something.
Tina: It's better than nothing, I guess... Let's go.
Mary shifted the car into reverse and gave gas while looking around behind the car. It was good she did that because the guy with the BMW just passed behind them, so she hit the brakes quickly.
Mary: Shit, I almost backed up into him!
Tina: I guess he had got enough fun for tonight :)
Mary: Yes, I guess it's time for him to get home before somebody gets hurt because of him....
Tina: Oh please! I don't like this negative vibe of yours, girl! He did not do anything wrong, just enjoy the evening and the snow! I would love to try it out too! It looks like so much fun!
Mary: Well, last time I checked, you have your own car, you can come here anytime you want, and try this out yourself.
Tina: I know, but my car is also a front wheel drive!
Mary: Too bad! Now, let's get going.
Tina: Okay! Champagne, it is.
Mary gave gas, and the wheels began spinning backward. She gave a bit more gas, but the car did not move.
Tina: Awww... You are spinning!
Mary: Yes, I told you it's slippery! But don't worry!
The woman shifted into first gear and gave gas cautiously. The wheels were spinning forwards, and the car was moving very slowly. After a couple of centimeters, she changed in reverse, made sure the steering wheel is at the center position, then gave gas cautiously, which was not the easiest thing to do in her lovely boots. She liked how they looked on her feet, but she would not admit that, not yet anyway. The car moved backward hesitantly with the wheels slipping. When it was time to turn the steering wheel, Mary felt she lost momentum.
Mary: Of course.... - she told a bit angrily.
Shifting forward, she centered the steering wheel, and the car began moving forward centimeter by centimeter. Tina was watching her friend operating the controls, and she was smiling childishly.
Tina: Oh this is just as much fun as doing doughnuts!
Mary: Shut up!
Tina: Why is it so hard to back out from here?
Mary: I don't know...
The tire marks from the cars previously parked on the same spot made two ruts in the ice, and Mary's wheels were exactly in that rut. By spinning, the wheels made the ruts smoother and more slippery.
Mary shifted again into reverse and emphasized she wanted to go backward by turning her body to the right side and looked backward, as she often did when backing up with her car. She put her right hand behind the passenger seat's headrest, and she gave gas.  Only the whining sound of her car greeted her. She held the gas pedal with her ankle boots, and her facial expression was annoyed. The car was struggling to move, but she felt the wheels did not have any traction.
Tina: Come on Mary, let's go! - Tina was teasing her friend.
Mary: You can see that I am trying!
Tina: Wait, let me see you better!
With that, Tina turned on the interior lighting inside the car. The nylons of the two girls were shining in the low light. The younger girl began patting her friend's right leg at the ankle.
Tina: Oh look, how great it looks like on you!
Mary began laughing and released the gas pedal.
Mary: Girl, I really should not be surprised! I cannot back out of this parking spot, and you only care about how my pantyhose looks like in the light...
Tina: But you love me like this, don't you?
Mary: And you didn't even drink any champagne yet! But seriously, I cannot get out of here.
Tina: Are you stuck?
Mary: Well, it looks like...
Tina: Did you gave it enough gas?
Mary: And so I thought you were paying attention to my legs!
Tina: I was! Umm, why don't you try rocking it back and forth?
Mary: I don't think it will make any difference, it is ice and not mud... But here goes nothing.
The dark haired woman began rocking her car, quickly giving gas then stepping on the clutch. Then pressing on the gas, then again on the clutch. She could feel the car struggling, and it got a tiny amount of momentum, but it wasn't nearly enough.
Tina: Yes, you were right... Let me get out and check the situation!
The blonde girl stepped out of the car and began walking around the car, examining the front tires.
When she got to the driver's side door, she opened it.
Mary: Hey, it's cold outside! Close the door!
Tina: Yes it is! And you have to feel it just as I am feeling it out here! Well, underneath your tires it is pretty icy, and it looks like the ice is pretty shiny, but I am still surprised you cannot get out... Let's try to get out of those ruts that you melted into the ice, try going to the left.
Mary turned the steering wheel left, and gave gas cautiously, while her friend was watching both the spinning wheels and also her feet on the pedals.
Tina: Give it more gas!
Mary did as she was told. The wheels began spinning faster, and it felt if the car is gaining momentum, but the feeling vanished after a couple seconds and the car did not move.
Tina: Okay, now try backward, but turn the steering wheel the other way!
She gave gas, and the whining sound was louder and clearer before. Mary did not like that sound. It meant she is unable to move, and it sounded like she was torturing her car like it was a baby crying. She knew that was only a stupid thing, she thought to herself. With some pauses, she was pressing on the pedal, trying to reverse. She was lost in her thoughts about why did she park just in this spot, and why did not think about the ice being slippery when she noticed her friend was looking at her legs.
Mary: What is it?
Tina: Nothing, just those boots look so nice on you.
Mary: Thank you. :) A very good friend of mine gave them to me, and I think they look nice as well. But it looks like they are jinxed... I got stuck with my car wearing them, and it looks like I cannot get free!
Tina was smirking at her friend. - Maybe it's my fault, I told you to come here...
Mary: You think?
At that moment, she pressed down the pedals pretty hard, the wheels wildly spinning.
Tina: Okay, stop. Let me save your cute little car. I will push you out of here.
The blonde girl walked in front of the car and leaned onto the car. - Now, give gas!
Mary pressed down on the pedals lightly, and she was smirking, Tina was trying to push the heavy car, but the ice was really slippery and her high heeled boots did not have too much traction, they were slipping backward as she was trying to push the car forwards. She slipped and almost fell, but luckily she was leaning on the car, which saved her from falling.
Mary was laughing at that sight.
Mary:  Awww... Your boots are "spinning"!
Tina: Yes, it's slippery, and my boots are not made for this kind of hard labor! Let's change places!
Mary: Umm, no... I am just fine here sitting comfortably, pressing down on the pedals and watching you :) And I think we came here because you told me to, so it's your fault I am stuck!
Tina: Hey! I don't have to push you, lady! Maybe I come sit inside beside you, and watch you trying to get out. It's more fun than doing this!
Mary: I know you would really like that too! But it's getting late, don't you think?
Tina: It was already late when we left the party!
Mary: So, are you pushing me or not?
Tina: No! Let's see how the lady gets out of this mess alone!
Mary: Okay!
The woman put the car into neutral, pressed a button on the dashboard. The car gave out a quiet click sound, then she stepped out of the car. Cautiously not to fall on the slippery ice, she made small steps towards the trunk. Tina was walking towards her friend curiously. She leaned inside and took out a large round container.
Tina: What is that?
Mary: Some time ago coffee was in it. Now it is filled with sand. I will pour this under the tires to give them traction on the ice.
Tina: Nooo wayyy! You knew this is in your trunk the whole time?
Mary: Maybe.... But I wanted to have some fun with you :)
Tina: Oh you wicked lady!
Mary poured the sand into the path of the two front tires. She poured out the whole container, she did not need to conserve, they will get home quickly anyways. Then she sat back inside the car, and asked her friend: What would you like to do? Sit beside me or stand there and watch?
Tina: I would like to watch from here. But it won't be that much fun now with the sand, unfortunately.
Mary: I know :(
The woman closed the driver side door.
Tina: Noo, wait!
Mary: What?
Tina: Please, leave the door open for me!
Mary: Haha, as you wish, miss!
While still in neutral, with the driver side door open, Mary revved the engine playfully a couple of times, which made both girls smile. Then she put the car in reverse and pressed down the gas pedal lightly. The wheels made two turns backward spinning, then the car began slowly backing out of the parking spot.
Tina: Yayy! Yayy! That's it! Good girl!
Mary: Thank you! Now get inside and let's go home!
Tina: Can I drive?
Mary: Noooo, you can't. I don't have any more sand left in my trunk.
Tina: I don't know why would we need any...
The blonde girl got into the car, and then Mary began driving towards the exit. In that instant, she saw an idling car right beside the parking exit. It was an old black BMW.

To be continued...

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