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Date Posted:12/15/2018 7:24 PMCopy HTML

This story can be called as a continuation of the previous story but in this story the main character will be my mom instead of Mrs. G and her HM Ambassador Nova. I suggest you to read the previous story to understand the situation better. Here is the link to the previous story: To crank or to eat: Mrs. G is in distress with her Ambassador Nova .

There was a school function in the school so my mom was to pick me up from the school at sharp 6 pm in the evenning. As the function ended a little early so I got an opportunity to watch Mrs. G struggling with her Ambassador Nova in the side of the play ground. I already enjoyed the show so I was not in a mood to enjoy another one. Thinking that it was enough for the day and as it was already 6 pm in the evenning, so I decided to walk to the main gate as my mom should be waiting for me near the main gate. 

It was complete dark and I was probably the only one in the playground walking towards the gate. In those times, our schools had no security guards like that of today. So, once it was dark, people mostly were in their house. I reached the gate, I saw the headlights of a car some 300 metres away from the gate. Initially, I didn't recognise that it was my mom, but she saw me from inside. She flashed her headlights, high beams - low beams and honked 2 - 3 times to signal me. Only then I recognised her. 

My mom drove a white 1997 Maruti 800. She was waiting for me in the car, she probably reached some 5 - 10 minutes early. I decided to walk towards her, but she yelled from there that she was coming. The dome light inside was off and the headlights were in high beam so I couldn't see her. She cranked it and the headlights dimmed with it but it didn't start. It was cold in the evening so I knew that it might take some 2 - 3 tries. My mom cranked again, but still it didn't start. She continued to crank it for 5 - 6 times, each of these crankings were less than a minute but the engine didn't show any sign of starting. She was even pumping the gas simultaneously with the cranking. 

My mom desperately pumped the gas and cranked, she was bouncing in her seat and the vibration of the car could be observed from the beams of the headlights. As it was only cranking I knew that another cranking show was waiting for me, so I decided to walk towards the car. The road was muddy because of which my mom asked me to wait there. She swtiched the headlights to low beams so that I could walk to the car properly. I reached the car and got in the passenger seat. 

As I got in the car, my nose was struck with a moderate pungent smell. TO BE FRANK (true story), my mom was always gassy and she used to fart every now and then and her car was a gas chamber. She farted mostly during her commute as it was the only private space for her. It was cold outside, so she didn't roll down any of the windows. As I got in, she switched on the dome light inside so that I could keep my backpack in the back seat. She was wearing a yellow kurta with pink pyjamas. Her hair was tied in a bun. She apologized me as she couldn't get the car started. The incandescent dome light created a gloomy atmosphere, the white leather seats even looked yellowish. Our car had no headrest, it was removed; so being tired my mom rested her head on the driver side window glass. 

After a small chit-chat with her, she again resumed her cranking show. She gave 3 - 4 gentle taps on the gas and then twisted the key. This was less than a minute long cranking but still the engine showed no sign of starting. She cranked again, it was a long one, which might have lasted for a minute and half. She even pumped the gas while cranking but the engine didn't even bother. The way she was pumping and bouncing in the seat, I knew she was a bit frustrated. She turned off the dome light as it flickered while she was cranking, creating a discomfort for both of us. She cranked again, this time she didn't pump the gas. Other than the dimming of the headlights she achieved nothing. 

She took a small break, she started another chit-chat session with me, she started with how the function was and all; then she assured me that the car would start soon, it was stubborn since the evening she drove from home. I asked her, how long did it take for her to start while she was driving from home. Then she started to narrate the story.

She had some shopping to do in the market, so she decided to leave home early. As the car had different plan, so she wasted more than half an hour cranking it at home. As it was dark and she told me that she would be here at 6 pm, so she abandoned her plan of shopping. She had no trouble driving uptil here, once she reached my school, she turned it off and waited for me. I asked her if she could guess what was wrong with the car. She actually had no fu*king idea, but she convinced me that the car is taking more time to start as it was cold in the evening. At that time, even I didn't had any proper idea about car, my mom was my teacher for cars and as she was a single mom so people taught her all the wrong tricks to deal with a car. After this 2 - 3 minutes talk, she again resumed her struggle.

First, she held the steering wheel firmly then leaned back on the seat. As the headrest was not there, so she rested her head on the top portion of the backrest. After stretching her legs and body, she sat straight on the seat and adjusted herself for a comfortable pedal pumping session. As she lifted her butt on one side to straighten her kurta, she released a loud fart. This made both of us laugh. She told me that, she had cauliflower in lunch, which had bloated her badly. She started to pump the gas, she was not stomping it to floor, but she was doing it in a fast pace with occasional stomps in between, She bouncing in the seat which the leather seats transmitted well to the entire car. After 10 - 12 pumps, she twisted the key. The cranking was slower than before, the headlights dimmed even more than before. Thanks to the battery that it had withstanded her abuses of such long cranking attempts. She didn't even had the slightest idea that turning off the headlights would have saved the battery from draining faster, but it seemed that she didn't even bother about that.

The cranking lasted for more than a minute but no success. I suggested my mom to call the mechanic as there was a landline phone near the main gate, but she refused it. She was confident enough that she would get it started. I was however, worried. My enjoyment gradually turned into anxiety as it was getting late and the car never took this long to start. I asked my mom if the car takes so long to start before. Her promt reply momentarily reduced my anxiety, she replied that the car often takes this long time to start while she returns from her night school. She reassured me that she would get it started. 

 I was still not convinced with her overconfidence. I decided to sit quietly. I thought she would pump again, but she decided to crank it without any pumping. She tried her old foolish trick of honking, she honked a few times and then switched the high beams and low beams and then even pressed the brake and clutch, just like pressing the gas. She twisted the key again and the engine started to crank. It was a long one, I would say a hell of cranking. This was more than 2 minutes long, the cranking was slower and the headlights dimmed very badly. They were flickering with the rhythm of the cranking, but at the end of the cranking the engine started to sputter. Once the engine sputtered, both of us were delighted. My mom started to boast on herself that the car started as predicted by her. She cranked again, this time she even assisted the cranking with some pumping and the engine started immediately. 

I thought the engine would stall as it was running rough, but my mom fiddled with the gas cautiously. She revved it for more than 2 - 3 minutes, which was done only in the morning. Her revving session warmed up the engine enough and the rough engine started running fine. Finally, we drove off from school. It was around 7 pm and the road had less traffic. I thought she would stall in between, but she didn't stall anywhere. As we were nearing home, she released another share of her fart. She blamed it on the cauliflowers. This had very pungent odour, despite it was cold outside we had to lower our windows to let some fresh air in. My mom decided to stop for a minute as driving with the windows open was very uncomfortable. I was about to tell her not to turn off the engine but she already did it. I was wondering if this would start again. 

After a 2 - 3 minutes wait, we rolled up the windows. She cranked again, the cranking was now like before, the engine was spinning faster and the headlights didn't dimmed badly like before. The engine started immdiately, the battery seemed to be fully charged in this 15 minutes drive. We drove off again ! It was about some 5 more minutes to home, but she continued to fart again. It was glad that none of them stank bad, hence we could drive with the windows rolled up.  

As we reached home, she drove it directly into the garage without stopping in the drive way. She engaged the handbrake and turned off the engine. The gear shifter was in third. She turned on the dome light and collected her items in the car. I was shocked to see her wearing slippers. She never wore slippers while driving somewhere, this was the first ride where she drove with her slippers. She sat straight in her seat holding the steering wheel and released another fart that really stank bad. I took my backpack from the backseat and then got off from the car for an escape. As I got off from the car I was checking her legs from outside. She turned off the dome light and closed my passenger side door herself. She got off from the car and turned off the headlights while standing outside, then locked it and walked inside the house. Still I am not sure if she was driving barefeet that day .......

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