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Date Posted:11/26/2012 10:53 AMCopy HTML

Hi guys, here is one of my best revving memory.

When I was 11 years old we shift our house for my new school. So first few months I had to go with a schoolbus. Because my dad is too busy and we have no relation with our neighbour then. Oh my mom is also busy with her hospital job (As always she is).

The school bus not like yours. I can't remember the model but it's from ISUZU company(japanese). Well I was a bit aware then I like to see women revving their car but I don't know why. Sorry to mention that my grandmom didn't live with us there, because she like that farm so much. So when the first day the bus came I saw a early 30's woman drove it. She is about 5'6" and not white but almost like the Arabians. Her name is Shomi. She told me that her bus garage is bit far from her house and she lived near from our house. So she will peak me up and take a rickshaw(google it) to her bus. The bus not old but not in good condition. First day gone nothing happened.

Second day she took me with her. She wear her uniform. A navy blue slacks and white shirt with black flipfop type sandals.That was in november. Not so cold (20C about). She opened the door told me to seat then took the driving seat. Put the key press the clutch with left leg and right leg on the gas but didn't press it. I was right behind her looking at her like a robot. She turn the key and cranks very short bus started. She started to press the gas now and rev the engine very mildly for warm up. Then got out and clean the windshield. Then get back and rev it again. A bit harder now. Then we took off.

This was her morning rev. When we get back from the school I'm the last kid on the bus. She parked the bus and made that bus screaming like hell. Just once. She almost floor the gaspedal then release and turn off the key. This was a routine of almost 5 months for me. Just one day is execption. And that day is.................TO BE CONTINUED

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