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Date Posted:11/07/2018 8:56 PMCopy HTML

Still no refund from BHE (Big Horn Enterprise)  from the classic car ladies shut down. Could'nt they have left the site up until the memberships ran out? Bad Business. I think they also have the crank and pump, texas feet and some others. What's the deal?
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Re:Rip Off Report update

Date Posted:11/08/2018 12:16 AMCopy HTML

If you don't receive attention in a reasonable time period, let them know you'll initiate a charge-back. That just might get their attention. If it doesn't get their attention, follow through. Make sure you save all of your e-mails, and make a record of your phone calls with BHE.
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Re:Rip Off Report update

Date Posted:11/08/2018 1:50 AMCopy HTML

That's not good news.  Didn't you talk to that Phil Moore guy at BHE?    A refund transaction (check or credit) should be a relatively quick uncomplicated thing (unless they're purposely dragging their feet maybe hoping you'll forget or lose interest).   Absolutely another phone call is required.   Lousy customer service means lost revenue.   They should understand that. The other thread mentioned a divorce decree or something.   Perhaps the website closing had to take place like almost immediately for undisclosed legal reasons or else bad things were going to happen.  When Charlie and Christina (wife #1) divorced like 12-13 years ago, I thought he removed her clips from his site. Later on, when Charlie closed shop back in, I think 2013, I remember he did give several weeks notice to his subscribers. Good luck.   Let us know what happens.

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