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Date Posted:12/30/2018 8:30 PMCopy HTML

Back when I was a kid I used to sometimes get a ride to school with a friend and his mum as they lived across the street. His mum wasn't very attractive to me. She was pretty average height weight with a dirty blonde perm. She got bonus point becuase she used to wear hose, even if it was hidden by loose fitting trousers. She also got points for having a pretty old Ford Escort in red, which every now and again would cause her trouble.

I always used to get in the back seat on the passenger side so that I had a good view of her. From where I was sat I could see her adjusting the choke, playing with the gearstick and pumping the pedals. This is how a good percentage of mornings went when I got a ride (winter times):

We would all get in the frosted up car in our thickest coats and scarves, with me taking my usual spot. My friend's mum would get in, wearing something like a thick padded red coat, black trousers and loafers. She never really gave herself much attention by doing much make-up or her nails or anything like that. Perhaps she never had much time in a morning or wasn't too bothered as she didn't have work to go to I don't know. Anyway...

She would get in and pull the choke all the way out, twisting it to lock it in place. She would put the key in the ignition and turn it to on, the fans coming on and about 2 speed, humming away. She would switch the fans off, maybe to save battery, and turn the engine over. She would spin the engine for about 5 or 6 seconds before letting go of the key. We would sit there in silence as she turned the key again for another 5 or 6 seconds. She'd then adjust the choke in and back out and crank again, this time a little longer. She'd let off the key and twist it again, sighing and gently pumping the gas pedal with her loafered foot. You could just about make out the nude nylon she had on underneath. The engine would sputter a little here and there, not really responding to her foot.

As the engine did sputter she would begin to pump a little quicker, a little harder, murmuring things like "come on come onnnn" you could see her breath in the frosty air. Every couple of cranks she would hold the clutch in, her heel popping every so slightly out of her shoe, as the lights on the dashboard dimmed, winked and mocked her.

She would always do her best to reassure us, but we knew it was pretty mch the norm and that she would get it going eventually. She would have to start holding the pedal halway or fully down to unflood the engine. My eyes would be fixed, wondering how hot and sweaty her feet must be, the only things warm in the whole car.

Several cranks and choke adjust later the car would start to fire and she would be ever so gentle on the gas. It would always flood when really cold, but she would always bring it back eventually. The engine would sputter, chug and cough to life and she would feed it just enough to clear it out, plumes of smoke coming from the exhaust. Once she was confident enough it wouldn't die, the heater came on and she would get out to defrost the screens.


That scenario played out a good few times with the occasional flat battery if she wasn't careful. She always wore the same clothes from what I remember, but when you never really saw much like that, any show was a good show!

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Re:Rides to school

Date Posted:01/26/2019 11:56 AMCopy HTML

Wow! Thanks for sharing this very descriptive childhood experience with us. I wish I had that same vivid recall of my youth and my few experiences witnessing a woman struggling to start her car. I have a huge nylon fetish too, so the fact that she wore nude hosiery while cranking and pumping makes your story even more appealing to me. You are a great writer and I would love to read more of your past experiences. Thanks again for sharing! -Nylonppfan Charlotte, NC
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Re:Rides to school

Date Posted:03/12/2019 3:51 PMCopy HTML

Your story reminded me of a series of middle school rides I used to get from a friend's mom or sister in a yellow Chevy station wagon, circa 1970. Usually the car started with just one or two good cranks. But during wet weather it was a real challenge. One rainy day the sister, a tall and lean girl with a great body, but an awkward face and thick glasses, offered to give my friend (her brother) and me a ride to school. I was twitching and hot with excitement, as I knew the rain meant a difficult time starting the car. We all got in, the girl wearing a skirt and flats, and she started cranking. At first she held the key for just a few seconds, and when it didn't start she said, "it started just fine yesterday." She then tried again and again, each time longer than the last, with more and more pumping. After about two minutes of this the engine stumbled into life briefly, then died. She tried again and again, and eventually was able to get the engine to turn over. She revved it for ten seconds or so, then put it into reverse and it died. She put it back into park and started cranking again. After several tries, pumping and holding the key for a long time, the engine again sputtered and turned over with a lot of vibration. She revved it for a longer period, then put it into reverse again, only to have it die. She must have repeated this a half dozen times before she was able to put it in gear and keep the engine running. As I recall, it died several more times as she tried to back out of the driveway, followed by a good long crank and revving, before we were finally on our way to school. Damn! Was that hot!

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