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Loud Pipes
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Date Posted:12/27/2005 11:49 AMCopy HTML

This is Cindy's hubby Willy... couldn't get another account on the same i.d.... so here I am on her account!When I was a kid, about 12 or so, there was a family - the Plumleys - with about 10 brothers and sisters. They lived in the next town over from us and always had hot cars. The car they had at the time was a 56 ford crown victoria, black and white,with really loud glasspacks.One Saturday night they were at the local bar. The oldest sister, about 19, came out kind of staggering... I think her name was Carol. She was fat, but not too fat... red heels,white skirt - too short - and a tight blue top - too low. She had short black hair, Doris Day style, and way too much makeup.My friend John and I were crossing the parking lot and sort of stopped to watch. Carol got in the car. John said "I wonder if she's going to put on a show like a month ago?" Before I could ask, she did...The car started cranking... no luck. Then the sound of pedal pumping and another crank. This time it started sputtering and was really flooded... then it started clearing out, popping and snapping... then it revved up higher than anything I had ever heard before... with a huge cloud of smoke... then it started backfiring, screaming, smoking, sparking and flaming.... and Carol took out a cigarette and lit it, holding it floored. She sat there, smoking,just holding it to the floor. I thought it was going to blow up any minute from the way it sounded.Finally one of the brothers came out and started pounding on the car door. Carol started pumping the pedal, which made even more smoke, flames and backfiring. Finally she shut it off and unlocked the door. Her brother helped her back into the bar.John and I recovered and went over to the car. The pipes were still hot and the whole parking lot smelled. From that time on, I dreamed of having a hot car with loud pipes and a girl to floor it...................

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