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Date Posted:07/01/2017 11:04 PMCopy HTML

I have posted some private links (unlisted) to videos for reference. I wonder whether models are generally instructed to rev hard after cranking/stalling or do they naturally, genuinely rev hard like that out of their own frustration, instinct without being told to do so? These videos are mixed cranking and stalling (not the revving only clips which are obviously fake).

Possible options:-
a) They are straightforward told to rev it hard whenever it starts after cranking/stalling.
b) They are sometimes told to rev it when it starts but not particularly hard, and they end up revving it hard due to natural frustration.
c) Usually they are just given a brief script of just crank, hard start the car without any mention of revving, and they rev it hard out of instinct naturally.

I have my doubts when I see some videos featuring longer than necessary hard revving (after cranking) like in PTP, lemonpumps and especially pedaltube that it almost seems obvious it's scripted to compliment the clip. Plus an irregular rhythm of revving, moderate at first, then very hard later, with pauses. But websites like thepedalstore, thehardstart, pedalpumpingdreams and pedalsupreme have more genuine feel of revving when the car starts especially thepedalstore which confuses me out of curiosity in search of the truth.

If it's really true that the models do it purely out of their own decision, it is a dream come true for me (and many revving fans) since it is a hands-on real footage :))

What you think guys?




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