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Date Posted:01/20/2019 7:16 PMCopy HTML

I don’t know what to do. I have never driven a car before and now to get home I must drive this car. It looks old and run down, the seat is ripped and the steering wheel cracked. I find a button on the dashboard marked START, but when I push it the motor doesn’t start. It just shakes the car. I think maybe it needs a key or something, but I have no key. I remember Roberto pushing a pedal on the floorboard so I stretch my bare leg to reach the pedal with my stiletto heels. I push it several times but it doesn’t do anything either.


How could my body be so mature and yet I be so stupid? I never bothered to ask any questions about the car and never even sat in the driver’s seat. I always relied on whoever was driving to get me where I wanted to go. But something had happened and some men took Roberto away. I tried to stop them but they just called me a whore and threw me into the dirt road ripping my dress when I fell.


I jumped into the car and locked the doors, but the men just laughed and took Roberto away. I tried to start the car to follow them but it wouldn’t run. I wasn’t doing the right thing or something. I pulled out some knobs on the dashboard but they didn’t do anything. I moved the shifter around, but that didn’t help either. My torn dress fully exposed my legs, my garter belt and torn fishnet stockings. I wore no bra and my heavy breasts strained against the thin fabric of the dress exposing my deep cleavage and revealing my dark areolas and nipples.


I had all the right equipment to turn Roberto on but I was useless at turning the car on. I sat behind the steering wheel gripping the wheel with both hands and pushing the pedal hoping that the car would start, but I needed to do something more, but what? I ran my fingers through my wild black hair, letting it tumble on my shoulders and brush my bare breasts. I felt stimulated by my helplessness and absently caressed my breast beneath the thin fabric.


Roberto and I had been all over each other in the back seat when the thugs grabbed him and now I was still feeling aroused. I looked blankly at the dashboard for some clue as to what to do, but it was too complicated for me to understand, except for the button that said START. I reached around the wheel and pushed it again. It made a clattering sound and the car shook again, but the car wouldn’t run. I pushed the pedal on the floor, but nothing happened.


I absently rubbed my chin as I stared at the gauges and knobs…. There must be something I can do. I searched the desert around me and could find no sign of civilization. I didn’t even know where I was. Tears began to fill my eyes. I was scared, really scared. At least this time of year the desert was cold, but nobody knew where I was, including me. 


I was holding my head in my hands when I heard the ring of a cell phone. I had no cell phone… but Roberto did. It was coming from the rear seat and I scrambled over the front seat falling onto the floor behind the front seat. The phone was still ringing. I found it and hopefully pushed the right button and answered it.


It was his younger sister, Lila. I started crying and was sobbing so hard I couldn’t make any sense, but Lila didn’t hang up. She knew what happened to Roberto and listened patiently as I blurted out my dilemma. She got me calmed down and told me I needed the key to start the car. “But I don’t have a key!” Lila told me to look on the floor where I found the phone, but I couldn’t find it. “Okay,” she said. “don’t panic, I can tell where you are. It shows your location on my phone. I will get my boyfriend and we will come and get you.”


“Oh my God, you’re an angel! Please hurry it will be dark soon.” But I couldn’t hear her answer, just a lot of static and then silence and the screen of the phone was black. I pushed some buttons but the screen was still black. “Oh no, no… come on work, you were just working…” but the phone was dead. I felt like I was losing my mind. Would Lila still be able to find me? I kept trying to make the phone work but it was no use, it was just dead.


I crawled back into the front seat and huddled behind the steering wheel. I pushed the start button and pushed the pedal on the floor again, but it was no use, the motor still didn’t start.


It was dark and cold when I saw the headlights bouncing on the road behind me. It must be Lila… It was, but it was only Lila. Her boyfriend couldn’t come, but she had her brother’s spare keys. At least they could lock the car and send someone out to get it.


I had never seen the car Lila was driving. “It’s my boyfriend’s, you have never met him.” We climbed into the warm car and I was shivering. “Let me get the heat on for you.” Lila pushed something on the dash and the engine died. “Oops, wrong button I guess.” Lila proceeded to restart the car, but the car wouldn’t start and my heart sunk. “Please tell me you know what you’re doing. “Well it’s never done this before…” she was rapidly pumping the floor pedal. The car showed no sign of starting. She was fiddling with a knob on the dashboard as she kept trying to restart the car. “This is really strange, I don’t know why it won’t start.” I asked about the knob… “Oh that’s the choke. It helps start the car, but not now… I wish I knew what was wrong.”


Lila sat behind the wheel with both hands on the wheel, looking very perplexed. She checked the gas gauge. "Oh my gosh, I'm out of gas!" She nervously tapped the gauge but the needle didn't move

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