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Date Posted:10/12/2003 6:05 AMCopy HTML

Which is more important to you: the car being cranked or the woman doing the cranking?  Vote now!
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Re:Poll: Priorities

Date Posted:05/23/2014 5:41 AMCopy HTML

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Re:Poll: Priorities

Date Posted:05/18/2015 7:43 PMCopy HTML

 Should be attractive, in dress or skirt, love bare legged in summer, long legs, shows a nice foot arch, three to four inch tapered heel and love red polished toes, loves to push hard on the gas and enjoys teasing the hell out of me!!!!!!!
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Re:Poll: Priorities

Date Posted:05/19/2015 10:12 PMCopy HTML

I have certain cars that I prefer over others, but the woman is the key, I get nothing out of an unattractive woman cranking any car, but a good looking woman can crank anything and I will be happy.
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Re:Poll: Priorities

Date Posted:05/20/2015 11:18 AMCopy HTML

Good question. When I was younger, I had very "loose" preferences. Just looking at any women having car trouble was exciting for me. So we can say that the woman was more important than the car. But over the years, my preferences changed and became a lot more specific. As of today, looking at video-clips of women cranking fuel-injected or newer cars does nothing for me. Maybe looking at a real-life event of such a scene would be a little more exciting, but not so much.

On the other hand, I've become very specific with regard to the type of car. Now I almost only like seeing cranking with european carbureted cars from '80s (and this means manual choke and a characteristic whining sound from the starter and engine). I've also become very specific with regard to the type of cranking involved: dead batteries or slow cranking do nothing for me, and I find pure cranking just a little exciting. What I prefer is hard starting, teasing and stalling with a cold or flooded engine.

I don't know why my preferences changed this way, I wonder if the wide availability of online video-clips (since 2003 for me) played a role on that.

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Re:Poll: Priorities

Date Posted:05/23/2015 9:35 AMCopy HTML


Could you apologize me to be a bit opposite to some previous answer ?

For me the priority is the old car : she is the key of the erotic scenario.

When the girl is cranking, the car is like a man who doesn't want to "wake up"

When a man is cranking, the car is like a woman who refuses herself to the man

The both are interesting .....

And in real life, when I see an old car badly sleeping, I dream to have the keys for the challenge to wake her up


Old cars are like human people: hoarsed, caughing and lazy

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