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Date Posted:05/16/2017 11:06 PMCopy HTML

I can not stop laughing

though I am 100% certain that she is not reading her own story but she found it on the web and thought "yeah that'll get me views"
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Re:Ok, which one of you did this?

Date Posted:05/18/2017 7:29 PMCopy HTML

She might well be faking it but if you look at some of the comments on candid videos, I kinda believe her. I mean if you have a channel that is lets say a vlog, it might have about 1-3 views per every video the girl has. But the one with a few key words in the title like "rev" or "car won't start" somehow end up with usually 1000+ just shows people are looking for this content.

To be honest there are a load of scumbags out there, scumbags in my opinion simply because. Any sort of candid youtube video, you will see a lot of comments usually the same people harassing the fuck out of whoever uploaded with shit like "baby do it barefoot next time" or "pump it harder you slut" as I share the fetish sometimes yeah it's a turn on but holy fuck... It's not appropriate behavior in public, nor is it on the internet. I mean how would you feel if you uploaded a video doing something that let's be honest 99% of people wouldn't associate to have a fetish with, and then you get loads of people messaging you or commenting and stalking your facebook with shit like this? You'd be pretty disgusted and probably unsure how to feel about it despite innocent intentions. 
Not going to lie, I find a lot of great content from youtube recommended videos and stuff and some is great for us. But it's ALWAYS ruined, and usually ends with the uploader deleting the channels or videos so we can never see them again. All because some idiot with some sort of repetitive brain dysfunction has to comment all over their social media about how hard his cock was when she floored the car or whatever. I personally don't see what there is to gain, I think I've only ever seen one user respond by posting more videos and she seemed pretty vacant anyway the rest are understandably creeped out by it all. I recall one user who seems to stalk instagram, who goes on girls public facebook profiles and basically relieves his self sexual experience for the girl and her immediate family and friends. 

Like I said don't get me wrong, I enjoy the stuff too if I ever come across it. But I really fucking hate it when these guys take it public and too far. It gives us all a bad name, and always results in the removal of the content in the first place.

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