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Date Posted:06/04/2009 2:48 AMCopy HTML


About three weekends ago, I went visiting a friend of mine at work who is a bouncer at a strip club.  When I got done hob-nobbing with him, I sat down at my regular table and as each girl went up on stage to do her 2-song set, I tipped them.  This went on for 15-20 minutes and I was about to get up and leave when this six-foot tall blonde,"Hey, don't I know you?".  Hesitantly I said,"I don't think so."  She said,"Don't you drive a Chevelle?"  Now, everyone in the place knows I drive a silver and black 1972 Chevelle, so I wasn't impressed.  "Good guess" I said.  "Well, I'm your new neighbor"she said.
Then everything clicked.  Seems she's separated from her husband, and had to move back in with her parents.  I remembered her vaguely standing outside with her daughter waiting on the school bus on my way to work.  Well, we got to talking and eventually we got to talking about cars.  Earlier that day my neighbors had been putting up a fence and had been using a mid 70's blazer to put a load on the fence to fasten it to the fenceposts.  Well, this thing is LLLOOOUUUDDD!!!  It sounds like they said the hell with mufflers, lets just run straight pipes!  This thing doesn't have a choke on it, and you've got to rev the ever living life out it to get the thing warmed up.  I brought this up telling her that was really hard on a vehicle.
Then she dropped a bomb on me when she said"Yeah, I know, but that's how I warm that cold natured thing up.  I said"That was you?  I don't believe it"  She took her right foot up under the table and she put a fair amount of pressure with her 7-inch platform heels and rocked my unit under the ball area of her foot/shoe.  My mind went back to the morning for comparison, and I said,"I believe you! I believe you!"
Thats when I told her, "You know, when a man revs an engine, it's just a minor distraction.  When a woman revs an engine, whatever I'm doing can wait, because she's got my undivided attention!"  She said,"I'll have to remember that.  What are you doing next Saturday morning?"  I said,"I hope to God I'm going to be watching you rev your blazer 'till the valves float!"  She said," I'll wait until 9:00-9:30 to give everyone in the neighborhood a chance to wake up".
The next Saturday, she got the blazer fired up enough to where she could move it over to where our property line meets.  This would give us a little bit of privacy.  I brought a folding chair that allowed my head to be a little ahead of the floorboard.  I noticed she was wearing the same 7-inch platform heels as last weekend.  Then she began revving: short and fast, quick and punchy, long and hard, it just never seemed to end.  She even floored it for 30-45 seconds at a time, grinding her foot back and forth.  To say  I had a CHUBBY is a gross understatement.  Whenever it was time for her get back, she asked me "You gonna be alright?"  I said,"I will be."  It was only then I noticed I was trembling.
She went about her day, and I went about mine.  On Monday after work, I had a package on the front porch.  I took it inside layed it on the table.  I opened it.  Inside were the pair of platform heels from Saturday.  Since then, we do this every Saturday.  I've been given a pair of platform flip-flops and a pair of white 5-inch heel thigh-high boots with the same "use" as the pair of platform heels.  Can't wait 'till next weekend!
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Re:My new/old neighbor

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Hey RevMeUp, let me know if any houses go up for sale on your street, I am ready to move!

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Re:My new/old neighbor

Date Posted:08/25/2009 8:54 AMCopy HTML

Me 2!!!
I love watching women "warm up" a car, especially in a pair of loafers and a pair of red socks with those in my avitar!
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Re:My new/old neighbor

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 You is one lucky mofo.
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Re:My new/old neighbor

Date Posted:02/19/2015 3:30 PMCopy HTML

 Where is she now?
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Re:My new/old neighbor

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 GOD DAMNNNNN, wish you were still here to update all of us lol

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