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Hi, ok  I have  A life long foot fetish. To me a sexy pair of feet   In bare Roman sandals, Or soft ballet slippers is everything to me.   This is my fantasy, it is back in the   Wood stock days Where the cars were old and all  Had engines with carburetors. Most  Of them smoke pretty  Badd also. I go up to a  Hippie   Girl sitting in an old car and make a bet with her I say to her that I would give her $200 for 1 hour to try and make me cum, Just by giving me a foot job.   If it only takes her let's say half an hour to make me cum,the remaining time I would have to be tied up underneath her tail pipe , and using the same foot that just gave me a soft foot job, will now pedal pump exhaust fumes into my lungs, and do damage to me for her  Pleasure. It's the summertime and she has on a pair ofRipped Jean shortsAnd those old Indian Flat Leather sandalsOr just a pair of black ballet slippers with the soft bottom.She says yes and starts to Give me a soft foot job with baby oil covered soles. I CUM In 15 minutes she Then ties me up Under her old smoky car and proceeds to start pedal pumping exhaust fumes into my lungs as she Laughs behind the wheel.That is my fantasy I'm still waiting for someone to do this to me. DD

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