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Like many who grew up in the 1970's and 80's I've seen dozens of cars with their hoods up, on the side of the road, gas station, driveways and in parking lots.  I saw most of these at a distance and was not privy to what was going on, on the floorboard.  
 Carbureted engines, especially those with high milage and at extreme temperatures require some driver experience and good technique to start.  Generally speaking, the higher the milage and the more extreme the temperature, the narrower the window to start the engine before gas will flood the cylinders and soak the spark plugs.  Flooding an engine was probably the most common cause of prolonged starting problems back in the day.  Few drivers had the patience to wait 15-20 minutes for the gas to evaporate, or the discipline to resist pumping the pedal and making the situation worse.

The sound of a car cranking has always been like fingernails on a chalkboard to me,  It has always made me cringe.  But is oddly arousing when it was a woman.  Whenever I heard the sound of a car cranking but not starting my first check was who was the unfortunate driver---I was disappointed when the driver was a guy; but a damsel in distress gave me butterflies in my stomach.  

One episode was privy to the floorboard action was one evening my mom had a friend over.  This episode really gave me butterflies.

They decided to go out for dinner.  She drove a late 70's wagon, a Ford (Fairmont I think).  She parked in our driveway closest to the street and offered to drive.  Her son and I jumped the backseat.  She wore the standard nude pantyhose, long dress with open toe shoes.  She turned the key and the wagon just cranked--- nothing.  She tried cranking the car 4 or 5 more times pumping the gas, but nothing but rrrrrrrrr.  

My mom said "Do you want me to try?"   And the two swapped seats.  

My mom put the accelerator all the way to floor and started cranking--- 30 seconds at first, nothing but Rrrrrrrrrr.  She took her foot of the accelerator, waited for about a minute and then held the accelerator down to the floorboard again.  Her leg was straight and her back was pushing the drivers seat backwards a little she was holding it so hard.  The engine began to fire, but settled back into a monotone or Rrrrrrr.  She took her foot off the pedal again briefly, and hit the starter again for a solid 2 minutes--- pumping, holding, pumping and holding.  Each time the car came close to starting it wouldn't.

We ended up taking my mom's car.  By the time we got home the Ford wagon started first try.  That's how flooded cars worked.  Sometimes you just had to wait!

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Re:Mom's Friend Cranking

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Another great story! Hopefully you will write more. :-) Starring your mom too. :-)

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