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Date Posted:05/24/2018 2:54 PMCopy HTML

The vw was in the shop for a few days and when we got it back it ran great. It normally started on the first try and did not stall as much. A few months went by before she had any trouble with it.
We left school that day and went to the supermarket to get food. Mom was dressed in her work clothes, a dress, pantyhose and pumps. When we cane out the car wouldn’t start. After a few tries she was mixing holding the gas pedal down and pumping it but it just cranked without showing any signs of starting. Mom was getting impatient and started pumping the gas quicker, leaning up in her seat and doing extended cranking. After a while the battery was sounding weak.

A man came up to her window and said it sounds like your battery is almost dead can I offer you a jump start. My mom replied I think so and tried it a couple more times until the battery sounded very weak. He said he would go get his car. Mom kept trying it in the mean time and killed the battery. 

He pulled up behind us and opened the engine hood. I got out of the car and said it’s in here and he walked over as I got in the back and lifted up the seat. He connected the cables and I held the passenger door open (my job to help). He told my mom to try to start it and she did but it just cranked.

He stood there on the drivers side and I was on the passenger side while my mom tried over and over to start it but it just cranked. He told her to wait and checked the engine. Then he told her to try again and she went back at it, maybe for another five minutes and he told her to wait and went back to the engine. This was repeated over and over until she got it started.

After that we didn’t have problems but it was more difficult for her to start in the mornings and often would not start after school at the end of the day.

To this day I don’t know if it was just a piece of crap or if someone was messing with her car. Maybe a mix of both?

What do you think?
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Re:Mom Finally Gets a Break Part 2

Date Posted:05/24/2018 5:23 PMCopy HTML

 The Type I is prone to flooding when hot.  They generally start fine when cold but if you are driving on a hot day and stop to go into the store, the latent heat causes the fuel to boil, which creates a flooding condition.  In fact, the owner’s manual tells you to push the gas SLOWLY to the floor and hold it while cranking.  If you jab it, the accelerator pump will shoot some gas and make it even more flooded.  I have a 1970 Bettle myself.
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Re:Mom Finally Gets a Break Part 2

Date Posted:05/24/2018 8:39 PMCopy HTML

 Wow really? That explains a lot, like why it broke down after school so much sitting out there in the parking lot and she often would give the gas pedal 2 quick pumps before trying to start it.  

Thank you for the reply it is very much appreciated.
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Re:Mom Finally Gets a Break Part 2

Date Posted:05/24/2018 10:51 PMCopy HTML

based on your stories so far, and thank you for contributing to the board, I would say that its unlikely that someone was messing with the car. The frequency of the problems and the random nature means that someone would have to be following her around and doing it regularly. Now its possible that someone messed were sometimes, but the more likely scenario was a car with issues and someone who didn't know how to properly start the car when it was acting up. The bugs flooded easily so if you pumped the gas, especially when warm, you were creating a big problem. A more likely scenario is that the men who regularly helped her with the car enjoyed the show so they didn't bother to instruct her on the right way to start the car when she was having trouble. thats my opinion for what its worth. keep up the good work.
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Re:Mom Finally Gets a Break Part 2

Date Posted:05/25/2018 12:18 AMCopy HTML

First of all, thank you so very much for your excellent stories from back when.   They are well-written and very entertaining.   I hope you have more to share.   As far as the bug and its' starting problems, well, many many moons ago, like maybe 40 years back, I had a 1969 Ghia.  It was all I could afford at the time as a second car for myself.   I learned plenty about VW air-cooled engines from continuously working on it to keep it running.   I actually re-wired the entire car (none of the outside lights worked when I got it) and that was easy compared to overhauling the Solex carburetor.   For some reason, it would flood out if left for a bit, especially when hot.   Only when I took it back apart did I find that the plastic float in the bowl was cracked, and the needle valve never completely shut off the flow of fuel, meaning the excess gas was dripping into the intake manifold.   After that hot starts were fine, and cold starts usually were due to the choke plate either not closing correctly or popping open too soon.   Fun times with this car, for sure. 
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