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Date Posted:05/23/2018 10:27 PMCopy HTML

We all got in the vw to go to church. My mom was wearing a white dress with suntan pantyhose and white sandals. I got in the back and my grandma got in the passenger seat. From where I was sitting I had the perfect view.
 As she tried to start the car I watcher pump, and sometimes hold the gas pedal down, but the little bug just cranked and showed no signs of starting. We sat there a very long time while she cranked the engine. The car wasn’t even sputtering or attempting to start, just that quiet sound of the vw engine cranking. I didn’t mind, I had a great view and I really didn’t care if I was late for Sunday school.

My mother was relentless, cranking the car for long periods of time. The engine started to sound weaker with every attempt and she was pumping the gas pedal very quickly with her arm wrapped around the steering wheel..but it just wouldn’t start. Eventually the battery died and all hope was lost.

We went inside and my grandma called some people and arranged for us to get a ride. I missed most of Sunday school but we made the sermon so all was well. After the sermon we had a reception and that is when my mom got lucky. A new family had joined the church and the husband was a mechanic.

The church knew of my mother’s car problems (she worked in the school office and was late often) and they all saw her at one point or another either trying to start her car or looking for the custodian for a jump start because she had drained her battery in the parking lot trying to start her car after work.

They made arrangements for the mechanic to fix her car, and the church was going to pay for it. My mother did not want charity, but then my grandma stepped in and accepted the offer for her.

My mom was finally catching a break and we were all genuinely happy. Although I was mesmerized by her trying to start that car I also felt bad for her.

The mechanic picked up the car the next day. To be continued.
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Re:Mom Finally Gets a Break

Date Posted:05/23/2018 11:16 PMCopy HTML

The story becomes even more interesting. :-)

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