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Date Posted:04/03/2010 1:04 PMCopy HTML

hey guys yes its me batman sorry after a huge mentle block and taking care of my now 8 year old son (who has the same "genes" like his daddy) has taken alot of time to my stories so i decided i would try to make it up to you by writing stories thursday through sunday fic and non fic this one ur about to read is a non fic so here we go!

my wife and i were sitting on the couch watching a movie with her bare and sexy ebony feet in my hands as i sit there rubbing them she says hey babe do u mind if i take roy (my son who was 3 at that time) on a nightly drive? i look at her and said u sure, its pretty late though and its dark as hell outside and its been raining like cats and dogs then she hooks her right foot against the back of my head draws me close to her face to face and says babe ill be all right as she kisses me with each syllable. so she decided to take roy out for a drive, she thought she didnt need to change out of her huge night shirt and panties for its pretty secluded in dayton and not a neighbor within ten miles she also like being bare foot and decided to drive that way she was doing fine to she says but the problem was it was still raining like cats and dogs and dark as hell then she came up to small incline now as stubbern as my wife is she reverses a good distance( wanting to overcome the obstical) she slams her bare right foot on the pedal with her cute toes spread out and her heel in the air the tires begin to spin almost fish tailing her she fought to keep control only to no avail and skidded diagnolly on the incline she turns around quik to see if baby roy was ok he was for she had the car seat tight on him with a sigh of relief she turns on the engine it starts she says thank god for small miracles but as she tries to reverse of the small incline her fwd honda had sank a few inches her eyes got wide she taps and taps her feet on the acclearator thump thump thump you hear the sound of pedal hitting the floor board the vrooom of the engine the squeal of the tires it was begging to excite her but she had to keep control of her self for roy was back there alert and crying for daddy she floors it holding her barefoot down for 8 seconds at time comon comon be good for momma she throws herself back on the seat trying to rock the car out but she couldnt for the car was too deep in the mud she bounces in frustration and begging it to budge but only to hear a loud pop and smoke from the engine then after a while of harsh knocking it dies she screams damn it damn it she beats the steering wheel and hesitanly calls me and says babe get ur ass down here and get me out of this f ing mess while she was talking i could hear the despreat and feeble cranks from her car i just rolled my eyes with a smile on my face and said yes dear
after all that she wouldnt say anything for she was so embarrest not because she was stuck she loves getting stuck roy she didnt want him to see her as a helpless black woman and as a loving husband i comforted her and rubed her ebony aching feet after that she told me to sleep on the couch for it pissed her off from my constant i told you so's sigh the joys of marraige.

p.s. my son got his stuck fetish going after his babysitter got stuck on the small encline she was real looker too like father like son i guess lol

from batman and from permission my wife who is still embarrased.

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