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Date Posted:02/11/2019 6:41 PMCopy HTML

 Sitting in the driveway in my stalled Olds 98, I spasmed over and over, the intensity of the inner convulsions gradually lessening as my tension dissipated. I collapsed in a virtual heap in the now-warm leather seat. The moisture I felt bathed my genitals and soaked my undergarments. The soles of my feet compressed the now-damp leather of my mules which also had become warm with enhanced indentations where my toes and heels had been compressing. I dared to look again at the window where Billy had been standing-gawking. He was nowhere to be found.

Smelling raw gas permeating the interior of the car, I knew I had flooded the engine and needed to take a break. Yet I wanted to revisit the episode that just occurred and knew I needed more. Furthermore, the presence of Billy only heightened my sexual desire, wanting to share the experience with him and knowing how it had affected him.

I grabbed my purse, twisting the key to the "Off" position and removing it. Opening the door, I could feel and hear the slap of my heel as my weight transferred to my left foot now on the ground. Completely extricating myself from my disabled auto, I slammed the door and began walking toward the house. My auditory senses amplified the slap of heel on leather as I walked, provoking me to shift my weight from foot to foot in a sultry manner, reflecting my still-present arousal. I opened the door and called out "Billy?". His muffled response could be heard from the bathroom. I instantaneously surmised he was cleaning himself after an explosive male orgasm. Of course I would need to immediately do the same in my own bathroom.

"Are you ok, Sweetie?"

"Yyy yes Ma'am."

A smile crossed my face, knowing now without doubt he had been deeply affected by my struggles with the car. I began to contrive a sequel...

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Re:Martha Monroe, Pt. 2

Date Posted:02/11/2019 7:26 PMCopy HTML

Lovely story as always pedalpusher :D

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