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Date Posted:12/06/2018 2:31 PMCopy HTML

So there we were, waiting in a grocery store parking lot on a hot day in a flooded truck that didn’t seem to want to start.

She had told me things like “this is sexy” when the truck wouldn’t start.  She was wearing flip flops (in Florida, what else would a pretty woman wear?).  Her right foot was resting on the floor-mounted has pedal and we had the windows down, smelling the sweet gasoline smell of a flooded engine.

She was taking with me, killing time as she waited (in vain, I was hoping), for her engine to clear so she could start it.  

She looked at me and then glanced at my crotch.  Then she appeared to notice my “tent” and smiled.

I looked at her foot and I think she noticed.  She asked, “do you like my sandals?”  I told her they were nice and looked good.  She then asked, “do you like my nail polish?” I could fee myself blush.  Then she told me, “if you like my feet, that’s fine.  I like to take care of them.”

I answered with, “yes.  But I notice you pumped the gas pedal a lot trying to start this truck and your foot is still on the gas.  Aren’t you worried about flooding it?”

She smiled and said, “like this?” as she pumped it five times and turned the key.  As the engine steadily cranked without even the slightest hint of firing, she continued to pump the gas pedal while she looked at my crotch.  As she let off the key, she said, “open the glove box.  I have some tissue in there and you can take care of yourself.”  

Before I could comprehend, she placed her right hand on my crotch and started caressing my throbbing cock through my pants.  She kept her sexy foot on the gas and slightly pressed it up and down, maybe a half inch as she tickled my pickle.  Then she unzipped my pants and told me, “take it out.”

I took my fully erect throbbing cock out and had it in my hand and she then started to crank her engine as she slowly and gently feathered the gas while I stroked my dick.  I kept stroking it as she kept the key in the “start” position and massaged the gas pedal as her truck’s engine kept spinning over and over and over.  This was so much fun!  Then I felt my entire body shake and suddenly, I shot a big wad of jizz and it hit the ceiling of the cab...

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