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Now we were in the summer.  My mom has to work all day and Maria invited me to spend the day with her running errands.  It was already in the upper 70s when I went over and was expected to get into the 90s in the afternoon.  I walked over to Maria’s house and she told me to wait in the truck.

While I waited in the truck, I opened the glovebox and went through the owner’s manual.  I studied the section on “how to start the engine.”  Normal procedure with a cold engine: press the accelerator to the floor twice.  If the weather is below freezing or vehicle hasn’t been driven in several days: press the accelerator fully three or four times.  In both cases, cranknwith the foot off the pedal.  Maria always had her foot on the pedal and would gently feather it while cranking...  For a warm/hot engine: press the accelerator halfway while cranking.  If the engine is warm/hot and isn’t starting: press and hold the accelerator to the floor and crank for up to 30 seconds.  I think the manual implies the driver should keep the pedal all the way down even between attempts to start the flooded engine.  I immediately wondered how Maria soul handle a flooded engine today...hee hee he’s!

So she got in the truck.  She was wearing capri pants, a short-sleeve blouse, and white patent leather thong sandals.  She had red nail polish on.  She rest her foot on the gas pedal and inserted the key.  Four delivers strokes of the gas pedal to the floor and up.  Then she twisted the key and the engine cranked steadily for ten seconds while she gently feathered the gas and finally gave it a quick jab and the engine finally started. I was hard as a rock.  She put it into gear, backed out, and we sped off to our first destination: fast food breakfast.

We drove about 20 minutes and got to the fast food joint.  She parked and shut off the engine and we got out of the truck.  When we got inside, she let me grab a table and she went to the counter to order. As she waited in line, she would alternate between raising her right heel and then her left heel.  I was getting a great view of her soles.  The things she was wearing had oork on the entire footbed and it just looked so sexy.  She took care of her feet and her wrinkly soles were kinda shiny.  I just wanted to lick them.

Finally she returned with the food and we ate.  When we were done, we went outside and got in her truck.  She pumped the gas to the floor twice and turned the key.  The engine cranked while she slowly massaged the gas pedal and the engine whinnied and caught after another ten-second cranking attempt.  She got the truck in gear and we were off to our next destination but it would be a 25-minute drive.  It was getting hot now and as I watched her drive and her feet working the gas, brake, and clutch, I was mesmerized and thinking/plotting on how I would flood her engine.

To be continued...

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