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Date Posted:11/14/2004 3:47 PMCopy HTML

Lauren was so excited this weekend, she was going to have the whole house to herself, her mum and brother where going away on a weekend retreat. It was exciting because there where no grown ups to tell her what to do but more importantly her mum and brother where going by bus which meant only one thing, her mum's mustang was her's for the weekend. The only downside was that she had to cancel her pool party due to the fact that the weather was not going to be on her side this weekend, but that didnt mean she wasn't going to have fun. Lauren had only just passed her drivers test to say that she was allowed to drive by herself. Lauren is 18 years of age, blond, dark blue eyes, about 5'9" and has a well shaped body. Well you see. Lauren has had a fetish for driving barefoot and getting stuck ever since she started to learn how to drive, the stuck part came along later when she watched one of her girl friends get stuck. Anyway it was friday mourning and Lauren helped her mum and brother out the front door and kissed them good-bye, her mum kept rattling on about the things not to do and all that parenty stuff. She watched as the bus drove away and out of sight, Lauren then raced back inside slamming the front door shut behind her. She ran up to her room and immediatly got changed out of her PJ's. She changed into denim three-quarters, a white tank top, denim jacket, and red fli-flops too match her red nails. She went through the house and made sure all the windows where locked, not that she had because they where allready shut because of all the rain. She grabbed her mum's car keys off the kitchen bench and raced outside to save her self from getting, though she was not lucky enough. She put the key in the ignition and started the car, the V8 engine came to life with Lauren smiling with excitement. Lauren's house was situated somewhere around the middle of a small steep street. She slowly reversed out, when she got on the asphult she put the car into drive. She knew it looked outside and watched the rain pouring down and then looked infront of her at the wet road. She put the car into park and set the hand brake on, she then removed her flip-flops and set them aside on the back seat. She then took the car out of park and into neutral, with her right barefoot slightly pushing down on the accelerator she released the handbrake, the car rolled about a metre when she shifted into drive. The rear wheels started spinning immediatly on the wet asphalt, making that wet sqealing sound. the car slowly moved foward so Lauren gave the car more gas making the wheels spin even faster, the engine roared. She managed to keep the wheels spinning all the way to the top of her street. Lauren stopped at the top and looked both ways, satisfied that there was no-one coming she let off the brake and pushed the accelerator halfway in, the wheels where spinning as the car whipped out sideways as she made a right turn. As Lauren was driving through her neighborhood she spotted a small playground, no kids where there because of the rain. Lauren came to a stop outside the playground, she shifted into reverese and backed the car up towards the playground, she wanted to reverse into it. As she did this the rear wheels hit the gutter, she gave it some gas and the back of the car made it up the gutter fine, she then slowed down until the front wheels hit the gutter and she stopped. She wound down her window and then accelerated, the engine revved and then she heard the sound of therear wheels spinning on the wet grass. She started to give the accelerator a few quick pumps making the wheels spin every time she did this. On the last pump she floored the accelerator, the engin red linning and the wheels sqeuling on the wet grass. She held the accelerator down for about 8 seconds until she let up, she then parked the car on the side of the gutter and got out to examine what she had acomplished. She walked over and saw two brown tire marks on the wet grass, she bent down and put her hand on the closest one to her, it was warm at touch, she then smelt it and smiled, ahh the smell of freshly cut grass. She then got back into the car and noticed that she had a big wet spot on her croach, she could tell it was not because of the rain. She then started the car and placed her right wet barfoot, on the brake. She was heading back home but not before one last thing. She took her foot off the brake and replaced it with her left foot, she then shifted into drive and with her left foot still on the barke she slowly pushed the accelerator in with her right foot. the back of the car went down a little and then nothing, the wheels spin in the wet. After about 10 seconds they started to smoke, Lauren could see this as she looked out her side view mirror. another 10 seconds later she let of the brake and turned the steering wheel to the left, the car swung wildely doing a smoking 180. She drove home happy after her little mourning outing. Tommorow was another day, and another adveture.Please tell me what you guys think and I will post the other stories that continue.
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Re:Laurens luck

Date Posted:11/15/2004 12:25 AMCopy HTML

Like it so far.
Push harder honey, it'll start.
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Re:Laurens luck

Date Posted:11/15/2004 10:10 AMCopy HTML

I like it!! (And I haven't read it anywhere else before!)  Good job Danny!!
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Re:Laurens luck

Date Posted:04/16/2005 1:16 PMCopy HTML

I loved it. Watching a beautiful woman smoking her tires is an extreme turn on especially when she is wearing a short skirt or hot pants. I wish I could find more footage like that on the net.



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Re:Laurens luck

Date Posted:04/16/2005 8:04 PMCopy HTML

I loved it-the only thing was it was hard toread because of the small font, so I made it bigger.

Hope you don't mind-great story.

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Re:Laurens luck

Date Posted:09/29/2005 4:48 AMCopy HTML


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