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Date Posted:06/21/2017 4:45 PMCopy HTML

My girlfriend was watching the Kardashians and I was half paying attention messing around in my phone.  I noticed all 3 of the girls rented a 50s Belair for the day so I paid a little more attention just in case of the slight chance for a PP scene.  Sure enough the car dies and they have a hell of a time getting it restarted, two of them even push it off to the side of the road. Finally it starts and they make it back home. Later in the day they pile in to leave the house and gives them trouble starting again. One of them says "you're going to flood it". Did a brief search on YouTube but couldn't find it. If anyone does find it, it's a pretty good scene with some attractive women.
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Date Posted:12/31/2017 7:49 AMCopy HTML

Any idea if kendall has had some car trouble or revved her classic some time? Potential here:

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