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Date Posted:07/26/2004 2:27 AMCopy HTML

Over the weekend while in Aruba with Ice, Gypsy and her hubby, we were taken for a jeep cruise to look at some property prospects. As soft as the sand is, and with being just after the tide went out, I got exactly what I hoped for.The jeep chugged along through the wet sand, loosing grip, slowly bogging down. The concierge doing more talking than paying attention, let the jeep bog deeper and deeper til the eventual stall. (Hmm maybe should have switched gears?) A hot, old, wore out, inline 6, oh this is heaven. Coral blue toes in white flipflops, the clutch goes in, the key turns, the right foot slowly pressed to the floor, nope, next try, 3 quick pumps, crank crank crank, pump pump pump again, ahhhhhhhhhhhh nothing, just the smell of a flooded engine. (and a slap from Ice AND Gypsy for obviously looking TOO much) 3rd try, and what do I hear, Ice "just hold it to the floor" and sure as sh^t it starts. But in the meantime, the jeep had sunk in the sand. 1st gear and out comes the clutch, the jeep bounces, the tires spin and it dogs deeper. Into reverse, her little foot rocking the pedal, her tanned body rocking in the seat coaxing the jeep to move. Nada, back to first, rocking pumping, soft little "come on's" and yet more slaps from the ladies. (OUCH) but the dog was enjoying every minute, and so was gyps. ol'man (Doc) he, like me, was grinning ear to ear as the jepp clawed for some traction, throwing sand in the air and all over. I told her to try 3rd gear, done right it may have worked, done the way she did, it had the response I wanted, errrrrrrrrrrrrrr clunk, stalled. (another slap from Ice) Away she went again with the starting ritual, now she was a little mad and/or embarrassed. She started pumping like mad, a little spainsh cursing, her toes turning white as she slammed the pedal up an down and as the engine tried to catch she pumped even faster. If it had of been a bicycle she would have been doing 20mph at least. Finally she got it to start again, threw it in 2nd and planted her foot on the floor, the engine screamed, the blue smoke filled the cab and then she eased up on the pedal, giving it little revs as she did. She put in the clutch, hit the 4X4 revved more, and popped the clutch. LMAO, the rear end was so burried, the front wheels could do nothing but follow the same fate. Sure enough, as the sand flew and hit the jeep, the front end sank, noticably, to the point you could watch the hood get lower and lower. She let her foot off the gas, the engine bogged and died, she got on her radio and called the resort owner for another jeep.When we go out, the jeep we had originally "stepped up" into was now at "ground level". "Sorry about this" she said with an embarrassed smile, "I don't do this often, but sometimes I talk to much, and not pay attention"As we got out, Ice told me to "pull your shirt out and cover that thing up" I heard Gyps. say to Doc, "you to"LMAO gotta love it.
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Re:Just an little blrub

Date Posted:07/26/2004 3:07 AMCopy HTML

sounds like ONE of you had a good time!
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Re:Just an little blrub

Date Posted:07/26/2004 5:53 AMCopy HTML

Reply to : IamCrissy

sounds like ONE of you had a good time!

Oh trust me,,,,,,,,,,,,YOUR DOG got beat, he left out her asking "you maybe thinking something wrong with my feet?, why you guys stare?" (yes mutthead, I heard her)



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Re:Just an little blrub

Date Posted:07/26/2004 8:50 PMCopy HTML

sounds to me like 2 of them (both guys) had a great time

but ice and gypsy, you girls were just jealous cause you had to watch also and not be the ones to turn your men on.....but i am sure the guys got it up for you ladies later on (lol)

i can just hear pete or doc saying, put it in 3rd ice or gypsy. lol

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Re:Just an little blrub

Date Posted:07/26/2004 11:41 PMCopy HTML

Criminy! I thought I lived in the dog house, you guys carry it around with you on your backs! What a great opportunity, but definitely not the right circumstance. LMAO.  Seeenyore why you look at my feeeeet?  Super dee dooper Dog, you never disappoint. Hope the trip got better from there (tho I know it got a little worse for a while as you got what you deserved from the ladies). Thanks for the laughs!
The Fumester

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