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Date Posted:05/14/2010 4:51 PMCopy HTML

And I have another site at youtube now. I also post on and I support all the German sites doing PP. I am also helping promote Davids farm, which is why Shishkaboob baned me under the name speed racer, but I got back into the board also. Do you know how to create a proxy server? lol. I just have not exploded yet. Well, we don't see many videos of scarlet anymore.............boy did she pack on the pounds. Crankingfetish has banned my IP twice............How is it that I keep coming back? BTW Dave, at davids farm is going to be doing free pedal pumping. He is a youtube partner............That should put people like shishkaboob how stifle the freedom of ones speech under the bus.
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Re:I do what I want Matt.................

Date Posted:05/14/2010 6:34 PMCopy HTML

 You need to fuck off already, you shit for brain little faggot. Speaking of bus, you should be hit by one shortly lol. You are the biggest waste of air ever, oh guess what David is doing MALE PEDAL PUMPING you FAG. He said it in MANY VIDEOS. So enjoy that. Go jerk off to more dudes lol. Seriously. No one wants you around, you contribute NOTHING to this industry, you are HARMING it, DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? ARE YOU THAT PATHETIC YOU CHEAP BASTARD? HAHAHHAHAHA, YOU ARE GODDAMN PATHETIC YOU LITTLE SHIT FOR BRAINS BITCH. 

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